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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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Government and PoliticsChidambaram Highlights Manipur's Crisis, Criticizes BJP's Diversion Tactics

Chidambaram Highlights Manipur’s Crisis, Criticizes BJP’s Diversion Tactics

Former Union Home Minister raises concerns over ethnic cleansing in Manipur, accuses BJP of evading debate on the issue

NEW DELHI, INDIA (TEH) – P Chidambaram, former Union Home Minister, has leveled accusations against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), claiming they are emphasizing instances of women’s rights abuses in West Bengal, Bihar, and Rajasthan to divert attention from the escalating crisis in Manipur. Chidambaram, in his pointed critique, revealed that if recent reports of violence are accurate, Manipur may be witnessing a grim case of ethnic cleansing.

The former Home Minister, known for his remarkable tenure during a period of national internal security crises, is respected for instituting the National Investigation Agency (NIA). His legislative efforts were geared toward completely eliminating terrorism from the country. Notably, his contributions to countering Naxalism have been acclaimed, though several of his initiatives were thwarted by opposition from Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee, the then Chief Ministers. Despite such resistance, Chidambaram’s strategic policies and the establishment of dedicated agencies have played a significant role in curbing subversive activities, earning him commendations from Home Ministry officials even today.

Chidambaram’s allegations about the shifting demographic landscape in Manipur have brought attention to the state’s alarming situation. While his claims may not be entirely accurate, it is clear that ethnic majorities in various regions may be marginalizing their minority counterparts, contributing to escalating tensions. Considering the severity of Manipur’s predicament, Chidambaram has urged the Central Government to intervene decisively and systematically to restore peace and order.

The BJP has been accused of using the unrest in West Bengal, Bihar, and Rajasthan to divert attention from Manipur’s pressing issues. However, the former Home Minister also acknowledged that the oppression of women in these states should not be overlooked amidst the Manipur debate.

Manipur’s situation is indeed unique, demanding special attention and response. However, the states battling issues of women’s rights abuse cannot ignore their own internal crises under the pretext of focusing on Manipur. The complexities and issues of all these states must be addressed with equal urgency and efficiency.

P Chidambaram’s intervention highlights the urgent need for concerted action in the face of Manipur’s ongoing ethnic conflict. His words serve as a reminder of the significance of democratic dialogue and the need for effective governance to address the crises unfolding across India’s diverse states.

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