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Thursday, September 21, 2023


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BusinessWhatsApp Unveils Robust Update for iPhone Users with New Features, Enhancing User Experience

WhatsApp Unveils Robust Update for iPhone Users with New Features, Enhancing User Experience

Meta-owned messaging giant rolls out a fresh suite of tools including chat transfer, a revamped sticker tray, and silence unknown callers feature for iOS 15 and above.

New Delhi, India (TEH) – WhatsApp, the globally recognized messaging platform under Meta’s umbrella, has introduced a series of significant updates for its iPhone users. These new features aim to enhance usability and improve user experience, signaling the platform’s commitment to continuous innovation and superior service.

The update includes features like Chat Transfer, a redesigned Sticker Tray, and Silence Unknown Callers, all engineered to make WhatsApp more user-friendly and intuitive. As these features are being gradually rolled out, it might take a few weeks for all users to get access.

Chat Transfer: Easing Transition to New Devices

One key feature of the update enables users to conveniently transfer their entire chat history, including messages, media, and settings from their old iPhone to a new one. This step will eliminate dependence on iCloud or local backups for chat migration, offering a seamless transition for users upgrading their device. The chat transfer feature is available to all WhatsApp users operating on iOS 15 and above.

Revamped Sticker Tray: Simplifying Expressions

With a redesigned sticker tray, WhatsApp has simplified the process of searching for stickers. Users can now find stickers related to keywords by simply entering them in the search bar. For instance, typing ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ will yield stickers that align with the respective sentiment, thereby making conversations more expressive and engaging.

Enhanced Set of Avatar Stickers: Customized Chatting Options

WhatsApp has enriched its sticker collection with a larger set of avatar stickers. These new stickers come in a range of expressions and poses, allowing users to create their own avatars and further personalize their chats. This feature can be accessed by tapping on the ‘+’ icon visible in the sticker tray within the app.

Video Calls in Landscape Mode: Group Conversations Made Easy

The update also introduces an option to conduct video calls in landscape mode, a feature earlier limited to portrait orientation. This enhancement allows for simultaneous engagement with multiple participants during group video calls, providing a more inclusive and interactive user experience.

Silence Unknown Callers: Say No to Disturbances

WhatsApp’s new ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ feature aims to prevent interruptions from calls coming from unrecognized numbers. This feature, accessible from the Privacy and Chats section under Settings, will mute the ringtone for incoming calls from unknown contacts.

WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience with regular updates continue to strengthen its position as a leader in the global messaging platform landscape.

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