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Friday, September 22, 2023


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Foreign Affairs"Major changes are coming." Lukashenko said that Belarus should not lose relations with the West

“Major changes are coming.” Lukashenko said that Belarus should not lose relations with the West

Lukashenko's Call for Dialogue with Poland Reflects a Desire to Balance Relations with East and West Amid Rising Tensions

Minsk, Belarus (TEH) – President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has expressed his concern over the deteriorating relations with the West and has specifically instructed his Prime Minister to mend ties with neighboring Poland. The statement was made during a meeting with aviation industry organizations at the Minsk National Airport, as reported by Belta.

Lukashenko emphasized the importance of not losing connections with the technologically advanced West, despite the country’s current reliance on Eastern allies such as Russia and China. “Now we live primarily at the expense of the East – we cooperate with Russia, China. But we must not forget about the high-tech West. They are nearby, they are our neighbors – the European Union. And relations with them cannot be lost,” the Belarusian leader articulated.

The President also hinted at a potential shift in global dynamics in the coming years, predicting significant changes by 2024-2025. He acknowledged the current “time of turbulence” but expressed optimism that the complexity of the present situation would evolve.

A focal point of Lukashenko’s speech was the need for dialogue with Poland. He stated, “I instructed the Prime Minister to contact them. If they want, let’s talk, build relationships. We are neighbors, but neighbors are not chosen, they are from God.” He accused Warsaw of escalating tensions ahead of the parliamentary elections on October 15 but also recognized the influence of the United States in this matter.

Lukashenko’s comments come on the heels of an announcement by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blashak that Poland would deploy 10,000 soldiers near the border with Belarus. This move, described as an effort to “intimidate the aggressor,” has raised concerns in the region, especially considering the perceived threat from the Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner.

The situation has been further complicated by the presence of Wagner fighters in Belarus, with Lukashenko himself expressing discomfort to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Belarusian leader’s recent remarks about a “joking” excursion to Poland by the Wagnerites have added to the tension, prompting a call for dialogue and cooperation.

The unfolding scenario between Belarus and Poland is emblematic of the broader geopolitical landscape, where alliances are shifting, and regional powers are grappling with complex security and diplomatic challenges. Lukashenko’s call for improved relations with Poland is a significant step in acknowledging these challenges and seeking a path towards stability and collaboration.

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