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Saturday, September 30, 2023


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Government and PoliticsOusted Deputy Attorney General Seeks Asylum at US Embassy in Dhaka Amidst Political Firestorm!

Ousted Deputy Attorney General Seeks Asylum at US Embassy in Dhaka Amidst Political Firestorm!

Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan's Unexpected Move Shakes Bangladesh's Political Landscape

In a development that has garnered global interest, Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan, the recently ousted Deputy Attorney General (DAG) of Bangladesh, has sought sanctuary at the US Embassy in Dhaka. This unexpected disclosure emerged when Bhuiyan communicated with The Daily Star through a text message.

The message conveyed, “Currently, I am taking refuge in the US Embassy in Dhaka with my entire family. Police forces are stationed outside. Today, I was relieved of my duties… Over the past several days, I received threats via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. This administration responds to affection with incarceration. I don’t possess a US visa; I managed to evacuate my residence with merely three bags and my trio of daughters. We are here now. Keep us in your prayers,” reports Blitz.

Lately, there’s been an uptick in allegations from various segments in Bangladesh pointing to cyber breaches. A notable instance is a declaration by a self-identified Bangladeshi journalist Zillur Rahman who claimed their Facebook account was hacked. This recent incident with DAG Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan taking refuge in the US Embassy in Dhaka seems to be a continuation of this perceived narrative. Detractors believe such events, be it the purported cyberattacks or the dramatic embassy asylum, are meticulously orchestrated spectacles aimed at besmirching the reputation of the incumbent Awami League and garnering empathy amidst the nation’s political and societal unrest.

The origins of this intense situation date back to September 4th when DAG Imran publicly declined to support a communique from the attorney general’s office. This communique was a rebuttal to a letter from international luminaries regarding the trial of Nobel Laureate Prof Yunus. Law Minister Anisul Haq promptly deemed this as an act of indiscipline, resulting in a mandate from the attorney general’s office necessitating all legal representatives to obtain consent prior to engaging with the press.

It’s worth noting that Prof. Yunus’s controversial affiliations have been previously highlighted by Blitz Newspaper.

Matters intensified when, earlier on September 5th, 2023, the law minister verified Bhuiyan’s termination during a media briefing at the Akhaura Junction Railway Station in Brahmanbaria.

However, when perceived from a political and international perspective, the story assumes a more sensational dimension. Some observers pointed out the seemingly relaxed and happy attitude of DAG’s daughter, her expression more akin to someone setting off on a casual holiday rather than pursuing asylum or refuge from some threat.

The essence of this issue is rooted in the complex network of relationships and alliances. DAG Imran is reputedly a close confidant of the contentious “Nobel Laureate” Mohammad Yunus.

Recent disclosures have associated Yunus with covert business endeavors and ties with controversial personalities including sex offender Jeffrey Epstein being a prominent name among them. Critics contend that under Yunus’s tutelage, DAG Imran is masterminding this entire spectacle as a dramatic diversion, aiming to create turmoil in the run-up to Bangladesh’s impending elections.

Considering there are no official accusations, plots, or legal actions against DAG Imran in Bangladesh, it’s apparent that the US Embassy in Dhaka might decline his asylum plea. Absent any genuine threat to his well-being or any criminal allegations, the embassy would lack any basis to approve asylum. A significant portion of the populace perceives this gesture as a mere theatrical act by the ex-DAG, choreographed under Yunus’s direction.

A source from the Washington DC. remarked that they are in the process of evaluating the situation, and as of now, no definitive conclusions can be drawn. There are no legal cases or allegations against Prof. Younus… There isn’t a set protocol for granting asylum or refuge. It’s highly probable that his application will be rejected.

Furthermore, it’s speculated that following the US Embassy, the dismissed DAG might turn to one of the European embassies, with the Swedish embassy emerging as a potential asylum seeker. Insider sources hint that he’s strategizing these moves under the counsel of a chief editor from a renowned English daily in Dhaka.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Editor-in-chief of The Eastern Herald, Political & Foreign Relations Strategist.

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