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Friday, December 8, 2023
Foreign AffairsIs Bangladesh on the Verge of Joining BRICS? A Diplomatic Milestone Explored

Is Bangladesh on the Verge of Joining BRICS? A Diplomatic Milestone Explored

Today, InfoBRICS, an official news portal of the BRICS nations, published a report focusing on Bangladesh. This development has sparked conversations among international relations experts and political analysts, suggesting that Bangladesh could soon be on its way to becoming a member of the BRICS alliance.

The report by InfoBRICS delved into the United States’ increasing interference in Bangladesh’s internal affairs, particularly concerning elections and media freedom. While the focus of the article was primarily on US-Bangladesh relations, the mere fact that Bangladesh was featured on a BRICS official platform is significant. It’s worth noting that Bangladesh is not currently a member of BRICS, an alliance that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE and many more.

The appearance of Bangladesh on the InfoBRICS website is a testament to the effective and proactive foreign policy initiatives undertaken by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This diplomatic maneuvering could be indicative of Bangladesh’s growing international stature and its potential candidacy for BRICS membership.

BRICS represents a powerful bloc that accounts for 41% of the global population and 24% of the global GDP. The 15th BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa, saw the addition of six new members—Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. This expansion shows that BRICS is open to including more nations that align with its objectives and principles.

Bangladesh’s central position in the Bay of Bengal holds strategic importance, especially in the context of the US-led Indo-Pacific strategy. The country’s economic cooperation with China and its trade policies, which include trading in local currencies, make it a key player in the region. Its appearance on InfoBRICS could be a precursor to more significant diplomatic and economic collaborations.

While it’s too early to definitively state that Bangladesh will join BRICS, the signs are promising. The country’s foreign policy has been agile and effective, as evidenced by its appearance on a platform as prestigious as InfoBRICS. As Bangladesh continues to grow economically and gain geopolitical relevance, its potential membership in alliances like BRICS could offer mutually beneficial opportunities for all parties involved.

The recent feature of Bangladesh on InfoBRICS is not just a mere mention in an article; it’s a diplomatic milestone that could very well pave the way for the country’s future on the global stage.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
An Ahmadi Muslim from India, a senior journalist and Editor-in-chief of The Eastern Herald. Follow him on Twitter @MANooriBajwa

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