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Saturday, December 2, 2023
OpinionBarbecues Over Lives: Biden's Shameful Indifference Exposes Israeli Tragedy and Global Intelligence Failures

Barbecues Over Lives: Biden’s Shameful Indifference Exposes Israeli Tragedy and Global Intelligence Failures

In an act that can only be described as a grotesque display of indifference, President Joe Biden reveled in the comforts of a White House barbecue while Israelis were being slaughtered by terrorists, the al-Aqsa Flood terrorist attack. As families in Israel mourned their dead and lived in fear of the next rocket attack, Biden chose to indulge in an evening of grilled delicacies and live music. The juxtaposition is not just shocking; it’s a slap in the face to every Israeli mother who had to bury her child, every Israeli father who couldn’t protect his family, and every American who believes in the sanctity of human life and the responsibilities of leadership.

While Biden was enjoying his weekend, even after the news of the terrorist attack on Israel, complete with music that could be heard coming from the area around the Rose Garden, Israelis were grappling with a situation that has left at least 700 dead. Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley didn’t mince words when he took to social media to condemn Biden’s actions. “While Hamas holds Americans hostage, Joe Biden is enjoying a picnic with a live band,” Hawley stated.

Scott Taylor, a former Virginia Republican congressman, was equally blunt, suggesting that given the dire circumstances in Israel, he would have canceled the White House BBQ. These criticisms were not isolated incidents; they reflect a growing sentiment that the President’s actions were, at best, tone-deaf and, at worst, a dereliction of duty.

But the situation is even more complicated and potentially more damning for the President. Reports have emerged that American citizens also have been taken hostage by Hamas, reports VoA. The news that Americans are among those held captive has added another layer of scrutiny to Biden’s decision to proceed with the barbecue. Political commentator and podcast host Benny Johnson pointed out the glaring issue: “This weekend, several Americans were killed in Israel and several more are still being held hostage by Hamas. Today, Joe Biden called a lid at 11:34am and is having a barbecue.”

In response to the mounting criticism, a White House official told the media that “President Biden has been consistently engaged in supporting Israel as they defend themselves against these brutal terrorist attacks”. But this statement does little to address the core issue: the President’s shocking lack of judgment in hosting a celebratory event during a time of crisis. Conservative activist and commentator C.J. Pearson summed it up best when he said, “There are American hostages being held captive by Hamas and Joe Biden is currently having a barbecue at the White House“.

The international implications of Biden’s actions are equally concerning. The President spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing his “deep sympathy” for those affected by the “unprecedented and appalling assault by Hamas terrorists”. Yet, actions speak louder than words, and the action of hosting a BBQ while a key ally is under attack sends a troubling message about the administration’s commitment to its international partnerships.

In a situation as volatile as the “Al-Aqsa Flood” terrorist attack on Israel, optics matter. The President’s decision to host a barbecue at the White House, complete with a live band, while Israelis were under attack and American lives were potentially at stake, is not just a failure of leadership; it’s a failure of morality and judgment. It’s a decision that has rightfully ignited a debate about President Biden’s priorities.

In a move that further calls into question President Joe Biden’s judgment and priorities, the administration recently released $6 billion to Iran, a nation known for its sponsorship of terrorist activities. This decision is perplexing and deeply troubling, especially given the current volatile situation in the Middle East.

Iran’s track record leaves no doubt that these funds will be funneled into terrorist operations, exacerbating regional instability and putting more lives at risk. While there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Biden is personally benefiting from this transaction, the very act of releasing such a significant amount of money to a regime with a history of terrorism raises serious questions.

A report from The Eastern Herald suggests Biden’s family members may have received foreign money for “influence peddling“. According to Republican Congressman Comer, the Bidens and their associates received a total of about $10 million from foreign representatives, including Chinese and Romanian businessmen. The money was often funneled through about 20 limited liability companies specially registered for Biden proxies to conceal its origin.

It casts a shadow over US President Joe Biden’s decision-making abilities and leaves one wondering where his true allegiances lie.

The recent Hamas attack, termed the “Al-Aqsa Flood operation” by Hamas, has exposed glaring intelligence failures on the part of both Israeli Mossad and the American CIA. Sources indicate that the attack was in the planning stages for nearly a month, yet neither intelligence agency was able to detect or even sense the impending threat. This is not just a failure; it’s a wake-up call. If organizations like Hamas, and now Hezbollah, have developed the capability to plan and execute covert attacks of this magnitude without detection, the implications are dire for global security.

The situation becomes even more alarming when considering the potential targets of these terrorist organizations. American allies around the world are often in the crosshairs of such groups, and the failure to detect the “Al-Aqsa Flood” terrorist attack raises questions about the effectiveness of intelligence-sharing and counter-terrorism efforts. The fact that President Biden recently released $6 billion to Iran, a known sponsor of terrorism, only adds another layer of complexity and concern to an already volatile situation. It’s a grim reminder that the stakes are incredibly high, and intelligence failures of this sort can have catastrophic consequences, not just for Israel but for the stability of the entire world.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
An Ahmadi Muslim from India, a senior journalist and Editor-in-chief of The Eastern Herald. Follow him on Twitter @MANooriBajwa

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