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Monday, December 4, 2023
WorldAsiaRussia is experiencing a shortage of combat infantry

Russia is experiencing a shortage of combat infantry

British military intelligence has shed light on the ineffectiveness of Russia’s Storm-Z units, initially intended to be elite forces for offensive operations in Ukraine. According to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense, these units have essentially become penal battalions, filled with convicts and regular troops facing disciplinary charges. The revelation underscores the challenges Russia faces in generating combat-ready infantry for effective offensive operations.

Storm-Z units were created with the aim of forming elite forces capable of seizing tactical initiatives on the Ukrainian front. These units were first deployed in 2022 during the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. However, they have since devolved into penal battalions, often given low priority for logistical and medical support.

Since at least spring 2023, Storm-Z units have been manned with convicts and troops facing disciplinary actions. These units are often given the lowest priority for logistical and medical support and are repeatedly ordered to attack, despite their ineffectiveness, according to Pravda. British intelligence suggests that the existence of these units highlights Russia’s extreme difficulty in generating combat-ready infantry capable of conducting effective offensive operations.

The British Ministry of Defense’s findings raise questions about the effectiveness of Russia’s military strategy in Ukraine and its ability to sustain a prolonged conflict. It also brings into focus the ethical considerations of using penal battalions in warfare.

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