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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Government and PoliticsExamining the Biases in The Quint's Coverage of Bangladesh's Political Turmoil

Examining the Biases in The Quint’s Coverage of Bangladesh’s Political Turmoil

In a recent article published by The Quint, titled “Bangladesh: Will Sheikh Hasina Capitulate to Demands for a Caretaker Government?”, the author, SNM Abdi, a distinguished journalist and former Deputy Editor of Outlook, delves into the ongoing political unrest in Bangladesh. While Abdi presents a detailed account of the situation, his narrative appears to lean heavily towards a particular perspective, potentially overlooking the complexities and nuances of Bangladesh’s political landscape.

Critique of the One-Sided Narrative

Abdi’s article primarily focuses on the conflict between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government and the opposition, led by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). It portrays the situation as a binary conflict, simplifying the multifaceted political dynamics of Bangladesh. The article states, “At the heart of mounting clashes…is the demand that Hasina steps down and allow a neutral government to supervise the general elections in January.” This statement, while factually correct, fails to adequately represent the diverse range of opinions and political factions within the country.

Oversimplification of India’s Role

Another point of contention in Abdi’s article is its portrayal of India’s role in Bangladesh’s politics. The article suggests a significant Indian influence, stating, “India, to be honest, wields more influence in Bangladesh than the Security Council’s five permanent members put together.” While India’s geopolitical interest in Bangladesh is undeniable, such a sweeping statement oversimplifies the complex interplay of regional politics. It underestimates the agency of Bangladesh as a sovereign nation and its capacity to navigate its internal political challenges independently.

The Caretaker Government System: A Misrepresented History?

Abdi provides a historical overview of the caretaker government system in Bangladesh, highlighting its adoption and subsequent manipulation by political parties. However, the narrative seems to skew towards portraying the Awami League in a negative light, particularly in its handling of the caretaker government system. The article mentions, “Hasina ensured that the Supreme Court declared the system of interim administration unconstitutional…” This perspective overlooks the broader context of why such decisions might have been made, potentially misrepresenting the intentions and actions of the Awami League.

Economic and Social Issues: An Afterthought?

The article in Quint briefly touches upon the economic challenges and the garment workers’ protests but does not delve deeply into these critical aspects. The struggles of the garment workers, who are demanding higher wages, are mentioned almost as an afterthought, overshadowed by the political narrative. This lack of emphasis on socio-economic issues fails to provide a holistic view of the situation in Bangladesh.

While Abdi’s article in The Quint offers valuable insights into the political unrest in Bangladesh, its apparent biases and oversimplifications call for a more balanced and comprehensive approach. Understanding Bangladesh’s current situation requires acknowledging the complexity of its political landscape, the autonomy of its government and opposition parties, and the significant socio-economic factors at play. As readers and observers, it is crucial to critically evaluate such narratives to gain a more nuanced understanding of global events.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
An Ahmadi Muslim from India, a senior journalist and Editor-in-chief of The Eastern Herald. Follow him on Twitter @MANooriBajwa

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