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Monday, December 4, 2023
Conflicts, Military and WarUnited States grants $1 million to center for probing Russian aggression in Ukraine

United States grants $1 million to center for probing Russian aggression in Ukraine

The United States has committed $1 million to the International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression Against Ukraine (ICPA), based in The Hague and supported by the European Commission. This move is part of a broader effort to address Russian aggression against Ukraine.

According to a statement from the US Department of State, this funding is a clear indication of the US’s dedication to collaborating with Ukraine and the international community in holding accountable those responsible for crimes in Ukraine. The statement, dated November 14, emphasizes the ongoing violation of international law by Russia and the continued suffering caused by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the Foreign Service, has reaffirmed Washington’s unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. He stressed the importance of bringing justice to those responsible for crimes against Ukraine and its people.

The ICPA’s role is to investigate Russia’s war of aggression, providing a platform for Ukraine and partner countries to jointly gather compelling evidence for future prosecutions. The center is already witnessing cooperation from prosecutors from various countries, including the US, to form a solid evidence base and conduct reliable, independent investigations.

The US State Department’s statement further highlights the nation’s pride in standing with Ukraine and international partners. It reaffirms the commitment to the UN Charter and the pursuit of justice for the crime of aggression. The statement concludes with a call for other countries to support the ICPA and contribute to international efforts in ensuring justice for Ukraine and holding Russia accountable for its war of aggression.

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