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Sunday, July, 3, 2022

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Afghanistan.. Kabul Airport “ready” for international flights

The "Taliban" movement announced, on Sunday, that Kabul Airport is ready to resume international flights, as all technical faults have been fixed in it,...

The “hijacking” of a Ukrainian plane from Kabul turned out to be a machination of bribed pilots

The story with the Ukrainian plane, which was supposed to evacuate the citizens of Independent from Afghanistan, but was "captured" and flew to Iran,...
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Hezbollah’s involvement..Iranian gasoline from Baniyas port to Lebanon

More than a month ago, the leader of the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, entered the line of the fuel crisis that the...

Putin lifted decree banning flights to Egypt, in force since 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled his own decree from 2015, which prohibited Russian airlines from flying between Russian and Egyptian cities. Also, the head of...
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In Macedonia quarantine is only for travelers from India

The mandatory 14-day quarantine will henceforth be available only to travelers from India, the Government of Macedonia decided at a parliamentary session. This means...

Belarusian airlines may be denied access to airspace and EU airports

On Monday, the leaders of the EU countries called on the EU Council to approve a decision to ban Belarusian airlines from using the...
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Spain hopes to open to international tourists in June

The Spanish government has said it hopes the country will be open to international travellers from June, as the European Parliament discusses the introduction...

Advantages of EyeRide Bus Camera and Passenger Counter

Mobile surveillance cameras from EyeRide help drivers capture images or video of everything around them in stunning clarity as they are on the move....
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