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Tuesday, August, 9, 2022



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“Nature” the Tortoise, Hare “the blind race of development”

For decades humanity is undermining the power of nature by claiming to regenerate it through mere schemes. India stands on 77th in the sustainability...

WHO uses it and they are successful in fighting mortality

Upon comparative analysis of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) implemented by the United Nations, it is observed that there is a complimentary pattern...
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Learning strategies for self and time management at AMU, West Bengal

REsolv Corporation, Lexington USA organized and sponsored a three- week online training on “Professional Development and Personality Enrichment "(PDPE) for the graduates of Aligarh...

Dangerous effects of tobacco use in the 21st century

Cigarette smoking has been around a little less than 500 years ago and despite its highly addictive and body damaging properties one will begin...
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Redesigning business processes for contactless operations

As the world fights against Covid19, businesses are desperately struggling to cope and sustain in the rapidly evolving commercial landscape. Long-lasting and congenial designs...

After effects of folkloric society

Ancient scriptures written thousands of years ago show relevancy in our lives although it is on us how we perceive and pass it on...
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COVID-19 and the rebirth of conspiracies

The conspiracies have been treasured hallmark of the most of all the pandemics that existed till yet on this planet. Confiding on which one you...

Talibans searched a lot to abduct/kill my friend, this changed my mentality

Hailing from a war-suffered country, I have always longed to explore all the sides of the coin that are; the one obliterated by the...
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