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Tuesday, August, 9, 2022



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COVID, the saviours, and the quarantine – lonely but not alone

What caused it? The recent COVID-19 outbreak saw the world entering into quarantine as various governments announced lockdowns for their countries. This happened as the...

Why can’t we concentrate on the value system?

By definition, the value system refers to a hierarchy of values that human beings possess, demonstrated by their choices. Though most people's value systems...
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Simple ways of engaging and effective home-learning

During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak, when almost all the schools around the world are offering virtual learning for students, most of the...

Looking at the rural economy in India

We always claim healthy and wealthy resources. But we forget exactly where its source lies. We don't talk very often about India's rural economy....
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Shanghai to Jalandhar – What can we learn from China?

I stay and work in Shanghai, China. It was a week before the Chinese New Year Holidays that we first heard about the new...

E-Learning in the time of COVID-19: Essential points to note

The ongoing worldwide Coronavirus pandemic is evolving a new lifestyle as we are probably aware of it. It is one of the most critical...
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Online Platforms: A Guide to E- Teaching

As the academic scenario is supposed to change at a rapid pace, the development of e-learning and e-teaching becomes important. Teachers who work within...

How AI and Big Data Can Help To Extenuate The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus outbreak has become a global cataclysm, leaving Thousands of dead, Millions vulnerable, supply lines crumpled, economy going to be derailed, factories shunted and...
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