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“Sudanese Professionals” calls on protesters to close roads

On Saturday, the Sudanese Professionals Association called on demonstrators to close public and internal roads with barricades to disrupt and paralyze the movement of...

Saudi Foreign Minister: We will continue talks with Iran

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Saturday that his country's talks with Iran will continue, and an additional round of negotiations...

Saturday’s protests issued a “death certificate” for Sudanese forces

Brigadier-General Al-Taher Abuhaga, the media advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese army, considered that the demonstrations, on Saturday, issued a "death certificate" for...

Tunisia.. “Citizens Against the Coup” accuses the authorities of disrupting protests against Saied

The "Citizens Against the Coup" initiative in Tunisia accused, on Saturday, the country's authorities of obstructing the arrival of citizens to the capital to...

“Moroccan Airlines” launches a direct line with Israel, starting from December 12

The state-owned Royal Air Maroc announced, on Tuesday, the launch of a direct line with Israel, linking Casablanca and Tel Aviv, starting from December...

Iraq.. Hundreds of protestors are trying to storm the “Green Zone”

Hundreds of supporters of political forces and factions objecting to the results of the parliamentary elections in Iraq, Tuesday evening, tried to storm one...

Egypt.. Arab intelligence chiefs in an extraordinary meeting on Afghanistan

Heads of Arab intelligence services will discuss, during an extraordinary meeting in Cairo, the latest developments in Afghanistan, according to two official sources. Last August,...

The “Arab League” calls for extinguishing the “fire of sedition” between Morocco and Algeria

On Friday, the Arab League called on Morocco and Algeria to "calm down and exercise restraint and extinguish the fuse of strife between the...

Oman regrets the worsening relations of Arab countries with Lebanon and calls on everyone for dialogue

The Sultanate of Oman expressed, on Saturday evening, its regret over the worsening relations between Arab countries and Lebanon, calling on everyone to exercise...