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Sunday, September, 25, 2022

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Despite the rise in oil prices, Bahrain needs a “Gulf rescue” and financial reforms

Despite the recent rise in oil prices, Bahrain, the "weakest link" of the wealthy GCC economies, still needs a rescue, according to Bloomberg. Bahrain needs...

The Renaissance Dam is an “existential threat” .. Egypt warns Ethiopia in the Security Council

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, considered that the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is constructing on the Nile River constitutes an "existential threat" to...

Washington: Attacks on Iraqi bases reflect militia threat to Baghdad’s sovereignty

The US State Department said, on Wednesday, that the attacks on Iraqi bases reflect the threat posed by Iranian-backed militias to the sovereignty and...

Jamal Khashoggi Case: How Turkish spy Hatice Cengiz made fool of the world and demonized Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

While Hatice Cengiz, a graduate student was proclaiming herself as the fiancé of pro-Al Qaeda writer Jamal Khashoggi, according to media reports, Cengiz is...

Paving streets and repair work.. Iraqi candidates race for voters

The elections in Iraq are three months away from their date, but the electoral competition has already begun, and the candidates have started campaigning...

Iraq and Egypt agree on time plans to activate the decisions of the “Tripartite Summit”

On Thursday, Iraq announced that it had agreed with Egypt on-time plans to activate the outcomes of the tripartite summit that was held in...

A Moroccan warplane lands at an Israeli air base

On Sunday, an official Hebrew channel said that a Moroccan warplane had arrived at the Hatzor air base in southern Israel, to participate in...

Egypt opens a naval military base adjacent to Libya

On Saturday, Egypt announced the opening of a naval military base called "New July 3" in the northwest of the country. According to Egypt's state...

4 Iraqis were killed in an armed attack in the west of the country

4 people were killed and 3 others wounded, Saturday, in an attack that an Iraqi local official said, "elements of the terrorist organization ISIS...