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Sudan..Hamdok’s house arrest lifted

On Sunday, a military source said that the house arrest of the ousted Prime Minister , Abdullah Hamdok, had been lifted. The source, who asked...

Egypt.. Sentences up to life imprisonment against 6 defendants convicted of violence

On Sunday, an Egyptian court sentenced 6 defendants to life sentences of up to 25 years after being convicted of violent acts dating back...

Iraq.. The final results of the parliamentary elections will be announced within two days

The Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq announced, on Sunday, that the final results of the parliamentary elections will be announced within the next...

The launch of the “Tadawul” company operating the Saudi Stock Exchange

Earlier, Sunday, the process of building a book of orders began, to offer the Saudi Tadawul Group Holding Company, the operator of the local...

Iraq denies extending the date for the withdrawal of US forces

On Friday, the Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi army denied allegations of extending the date for the withdrawal of US combat forces from...

The coalition announces the destruction of 3 booby-trapped marches launched against Saudi Arabia

On Friday evening, the Arab coalition announced the interception and destruction of 3 booby-trapped marches, which were launched towards Saudi Arabia. The coalition stated, in...

Libya.. 23 presidential candidates submitted to the High Electoral Commission

The Libyan High Electoral Commission said, on Friday, that 23 people have submitted applications to run for the presidential elections scheduled for December 24...

Khartoum.. Police break up demonstrations calling for civilian rule

Sudanese police forces dispersed demonstrations in the capital, Khartoum, on Friday, calling for the return of civilian rule, according to eyewitnesses and video clips...

The Sudanese People’s Congress demands an investigation into the killing of protesters

On Friday, the Sudanese People's Congress demanded an immediate investigation into the killing of protesters in the country against the army's actions, and that...