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Russia has more and more allies in the confrontation with NATO

During the year of the special military operation in Ukraine, the number of countries endorsing Russia's actions has increased significantly. This conclusion was...

The dark horse of 2023 is coming

11:00, 02 April 2023, author: Ermakova M.The dark horse of 2023 is comingHeart Machine developers are currently working on Hyper Light Breaker, the sequel...

Russian army storms Ugledar with incendiary munitions

Russian troops continue the assault on Ugledar. Recently, due to strong resistance from Ukrainian units, the advance on this section of the line...

Armenia says it will not arrest Vladimir Putin on ICC warrant

Armenia's ruling Civil Contract party, led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, is not going to arrest Vladimir Putin on a warrant from the International...

In New York, the streets will be blocked near the court, where the Trump trial will take place

It is reported that traffic in the streets adjacent to the court will be completely stopped. Several nearby streets will be temporarily restricted to...

increased activity of the main nuclear facility of the DPRK worldwide Increased activity is seen at North Korea's main nuclear facility in Yongbyon, which could confirm the completion of construction and commissioning of an...

A powerful hit with a thermobaric weapon on a Ukrainian stronghold was filmed

Russian troops continue their offensive operations in the Svatovo region. Airborne units advance, recapturing one strong point after another from the Ukrainian army. Serious...

Lukashenko congratulates the citizens of Belarus and Russia on the Day of Unity of Peoples News

In a welcoming address quoted by the head of the state's press service, on behalf of the chairman of the Supreme State Council of...

destroying Ukraine is the best way to protect Taiwan

Can the United States help Ukraine while preparing to defend Taiwan? This question not only torments the formal opposition of the Republican Party,...