Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Corona the-last-moment-when-the-infection-explosion-can-be-suppressed

Corona: The last moment when the infection explosion can be suppressed.

Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Koike said on Thursday that 40 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo, and said,...

Corona: Hessen, Ten confirmed corona cases in nursing home.

After the confirmed coronavirus infection of a nursing home employee in Herborn in central Hesse, other employees and several residents were tested positive for...

Fracture to the corona crisis: Yeah, negative!

Am Upper Palatinate end of the world, where fox and hare and probably the bat so intimately goodnight say that there the first corona...

What follows the ban on contact? Germany is preparing itself for an exit

The more effectively the bans on contact and exit restrictions in Germany prevent the spread of the new Corona, the lower the degree of...
Corona letter-from-istanbul-break-the-siege

Corona:Letter from Istanbul, break the siege

In the early 1990s, a number of Kemalist intellectuals fell victim to officially unsolved murder attacks in Turkey. What these journalists and scientists had...
Corona boris-johnson-tested-positive-for-corona

Corona: Boris Johnson tested positive for Corona

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the coronavirus. Johnson said on Friday on Twitter that he had developed mild symptoms...
Human Evolution, Is Corona our next evolution level, Charles Darwin

Is Corona our next evolution level?

It would take us considerable time to clean the world of corona and perhaps we might well be living with it forever. Corona has...
Corona in the UK: protection against deportation

Corona in the UK: protection against deportation

For 350 people from 49 UK countries on the UK deportation list, the coronavirus has unexpected consequences: you can stay in the country for the...
Corona advantages-in-the-home-office-it-s-finally-time-for-selfcare

Corona:Advantages in the home office, It’s finally time for selfcare

In the series "How I Met Your Mother" one of the characters, Robin Scherbatsky, who works as a news anchor, has a colleague and...

Repression in Azerbaijan: under surveillance

Even if it sounds cynical: For Azerbaijan permanent president Ilham Aliyev, Corona is a godsend. Now that the whole world is concerned with the pandemic...