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Corona Crisis – Response from other kind of Muslims – the true followers

Today, the whole world has become one in the fight against the Coronavirus. Various governments and private institutions are devising new schemes and adopting...
WHO reports eruption of EBOLA 2020 outbreak, again

WHO reports eruption of EBOLA 2020 outbreak, deadly fever again

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a second outbreak of Ebola fever. According to the organization, the spread of a deadly disease occurs...

Coronavirus England, Boris Johnson’s speech: “Get used to losing your loved Ones

The phrase is shocking: "Many families will lose their loved ones." But the reaction is perhaps even more chilling: we will do nothing. Because this is the...

Misty Wednesday morning in Delhi

Tuesday's maximum temperature settled at 32.5 degrees Celsius, one notch above the season's average, while the minimum temperature was recorded at 16 degrees Celsius, a notch below

Delhi becomes Gas Chamber as Air Quality deteriorates

Pollution levels of Delhi and NCR are expected to remain high till at least first week of November, after which Diwali will show its effect.On Thursday, the average PM2.5 or particles with diameter less than 2.5mm, in Delhi was 167 units across 36 regions and 164 units across 48 regions of NCR. The permissible limit of PM2.5, the major pollutant, is 60 units as per national standards
Looking at India’s preparedness to contain COVID-19 outbreak and perpetuity

Looking at India’s preparedness to contain COVID-19 outbreak and perpetuity

India has made progress toward preparing for and mitigating the impacts of pandemics but progress toward meeting the IHR has been uneven,...

World Health Day 2020: Support Nurses and Midwives

It is the world health day 2020! It is that special time of the year put aside to discuss current issues affecting health and...
Coronavirus healed patients are diagnosed positive again in Wuhan China e1582484566325

Coronavirus healed patients are diagnosed positive again in Wuhan China

A 14-day mandatory quarantine to be spent in designated places designated by the authorities for all patients recovered from the coronavirus. This is the new measure taken by...

COVID-19 prevention infographics published in over 60 languages by slum and Rural health initiative

An international non-governmental organization, Slum and Rural Health Initiative has developed one of the world’s largest collection of infographics in over sixty (60) international, national...

Mexican student fits bra with app to detect breast cancer

Mexico City, Oct 23 (The Eastern Herald) A device made of a brassiere cup fitted with a mobile application, developed by a Mexican student, is designed to be an ally of mammograms for the timely detection of breast cancer in women with very dense breast tissue and in those under age 40.

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