Sunday, March 29, 2020
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klopps-emotional-message-it-is-incredible. I had to cry immediately

Klopp’s emotional message: It is incredible. I had to cry immediately

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp has warned against selfishness in the corona crisis and called for solidarity. “Four or five weeks ago, it still seemed...
Scene from: Philip Waechter: "Toni wants to go to the sea"Illustration: Beltz & Gelberg

New children’s and youth books: Handy-Henri even takes part

The colorful illustrations in the picture book "The Kiosk" are magically attractive. With a powerful brushstroke, Anete Melece tells the fantastic story of a...
Corona the-last-moment-when-the-infection-explosion-can-be-suppressed

Corona: The last moment when the infection explosion can be suppressed.

Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Koike said on Thursday that 40 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo, and said,...

Corona: Hessen, Ten confirmed corona cases in nursing home.

After the confirmed coronavirus infection of a nursing home employee in Herborn in central Hesse, other employees and several residents were tested positive for...

Adidas and Puma suspend rental payments

Since two weeks are closed most doors at retail. Commercial landlords are now feeling this. The sporting goods manufacturers Adidas and Puma, the fashion...
Formation of a government in Israel: Gantz 'Israel would protest

Formation of a government in Israel: Gantz’s Israel would protest

If there was not a curfew in Israel because of the Corona crisis, half of the Israelis would have stormed the streets on Thursday...

Fracture to the corona crisis: Yeah, negative!

Am Upper Palatinate end of the world, where fox and hare and probably the bat so intimately goodnight say that there the first corona...

What follows the ban on contact? Germany is preparing itself for an exit

The more effectively the bans on contact and exit restrictions in Germany prevent the spread of the new Corona, the lower the degree of...
EU summit fails on corona bonds: the limits of solidarity

EU summit fails on corona bonds: the limits of solidarity

The EU has failed to develop a common strategy against the impending collapse of the economy as a result of the corona crisis. At...

Africa and the corona pandemic: is medicine more devastating than disease?

FOR Mali's Prime Minister Boubou Cisse is about nothing less than "the survival of the nation." On Sunday, a new parliament is to be...