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Lukashenk new Constitution for Belarus, The Eastern Herald News

Lukashenko said the need for a new Constitution for Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, after returning from Moscow from the Victory Parade, announced the need to amend the Constitution of Belarus with a...
Mozambique daesh isis attack gas, terrorism, terrorist, The Eastern Herald News

Rebels launch an attack near gas projects in Mozambique

Suspected Islamist militants attacked a town in northern Mozambique near billion-dollar gas projects run by Total and Exxon Mobil early Saturday morning, a police...
Abdul Rahim Al-Mismari terrorist persecuted in Egypt; The Eastern Herald news

Egypt executes death sentence in Al-Mismari, “The mastermind of the Oasis massacre”

The Egyptian authorities announced on Saturday the execution of a Libyan militant who had been convicted earlier of carrying out an attack targeting Egyptian...
Asian workers difficulty in Iraq news without money hunger; The Eastern Herald

“No work, no travel.” Tragic stories of Asian workers stranded in Iraq

Rajeeb Sheikh did not receive his salary three months ago, and the Iraqi business owner stopped for some time to provide meals for him,...
Egyptian cyberattack on Ethiopian Security Agency website news

Egyptian cyberattack on Ethiopian Security Agency website and some other

The Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency announced, on Monday, thwarting cyberattacks originating in Egypt, according to the Ethiopian News Agency (INA) reported on Tuesday. "The...
CIA theft 2017 biggest in history

They stole secret information from elite CIA hackers behind their backs

The elite CIA hacker group was more focused on developing technologically advanced methods of espionage than on cyber protection of its own system, which...
no school no fee in India

The curious case of “No School and No Fees” In India

No School, No Fees, a demand, on paper, seems concise and simple but will be a huge blow to the economic dynamics of society. The...
Iranian beheads wife honor killing

Iranian beheads his wife, throws her into the river, and surrenders

A 23-year-old Iranian went to Abadan police station in Khuzestan province, with a blood-stained knife, and told the officers that he had killed his...
Rafif Mohammed Karain, a Palestinian Muslim was shot in the head by Israeli forces

Finally a 4-year-old Palestinian girl who was shot in head by Israeli forces dies

A four-year-old Palestinian girl who was shot in the head several days ago died at Hadassah University Hospital, according to a press release. Police suspect...
Lebanon protests social economic crisis, lebanon news

Second night of protests in Lebanon over the economic and social crisis

Lebanese protesters set fire to the roads and clashed with security forces in the second night of unrest on Friday, according to Lebanese witnesses...

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