Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Woody Allen’s memoirs: The coffin was always half full

The dispute over the publication is over, Woody Allen's autobiography has been published, has been in the United States since the beginning of the...

Satellite brought into space: First use of the space force

The American Space Force has launched its first national security mission. On Thursday, an AEHF satellite from the armaments and technology group Lockheed Martin...
Fire in Berlin Jail Tegel: a prisoner is dead

Fire in Berlin Jail Tegel: a prisoner is dead

A 42-year-old prisoner died in a fire in his prison room in Berlin's Tegel prison. The fire had broken out on Friday night. Justice...
Asylum seekers and corona border closure: Asylum in viral times

Asylum seekers and corona border closure: Asylum in viral times

The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) denies a report by Focus that the entry restrictions to Germany in connection with the corona pandemic...
Aid for trade and culture: How Berlin companies get money

Aid for trade and culture: How Berlin companies get money

Because of the corona epidemic, restaurants, bars, and clubs have also closed in Berlin and Brandenburg. Many shops do the same. And artists or...

Computer becomes chemist: Autonomous chemistry laboratory for the pharmacist

In times of the corona crisis, we got a new look at many things. This includes the possible fragility of supply chains and the question of...
Corona letter-from-istanbul-break-the-siege

Corona:Letter from Istanbul, break the siege

In the early 1990s, a number of Kemalist intellectuals fell victim to officially unsolved murder attacks in Turkey. What these journalists and scientists had...
Corona boris-johnson-tested-positive-for-corona

Corona: Boris Johnson tested positive for Corona

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the coronavirus. Johnson said on Friday on Twitter that he had developed mild symptoms...
Corona advantages-in-the-home-office-it-s-finally-time-for-selfcare

Corona:Advantages in the home office, It’s finally time for selfcare

In the series "How I Met Your Mother" one of the characters, Robin Scherbatsky, who works as a news anchor, has a colleague and...

Repression in Azerbaijan: under surveillance

Even if it sounds cynical: For Azerbaijan permanent president Ilham Aliyev, Corona is a godsend. Now that the whole world is concerned with the pandemic...