Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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The Taiwan dilemma of India

The Taiwan dilemma of India

Taiwan also is known as the Republic of China(ROC), a much smaller country than most of the countries around the world, became a torch-bearer...
The Kremlin is not a social security

“The Kremlin is not a social security for you”

Almost 11 thousand new patients with coronavirus are detected daily in the Russian Federation, and their total number almost doubles every three days. At...
Norms of Social Distancing migrant labor

Abandoned migrant workers, lockdown and another side of coin

With the world down on its knees burdened with the pandemic which out-weighs all other “issues”, situations are especially dire for under-developed nations like...
Emblem of India

India: Governance and Public Policy Lab open for the World

This opinion is based on a policy webinar held by Sanjaya Baru and ISPP (The Indian School of Public Policy) on 16th May 2020....
Nationalists Oxymoron

The International Nationalists Oxymoron provides an opportunity for the Left

The victory of Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party in the 2019 UK election was another win in the column of avowed isolationist nationalists...
A pregnant woman waits while another goes into labour at the general hospital in Man

Reducing Maternal Mortality – Everyone has a role to play

Going back in time to precisely ‘1982’, a safe motherhood initiative was launched to reduce maternal mortality at least by half by the year...
A major cause of setback in SMEs

Inappropriate Financial Record – A major cause of setback in SMEs

The need for keeping financial records in small and medium enterprises today has been underestimated. Financial records consist of a formal document that represents...

45 Years, how Vietnam War changed the contour of capitalism?

War in Indochina, popularly known as the Vietnam war, occurred in two phases. First Indochina War was fought mainly between Viet Minh (the national...
Pandemic history COVID Coronavirus

Historical perspectives: Asian flu vs. Coronavirus – different times and similar problems

In times of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 pandemic stretched across continents, it is worth noting, that given current concerns about the spreading coronavirus, that...
Cluster Development Program for SMEs in India

Creating Competitive SMEs – The CDP Approach

SMEs are the drivers of the national economy as it contributes a large part of GDP. It is found in India that these units...


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