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Sunday, August, 7, 2022

Conflicts, Military and War


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The attacks on Odessa are not an obstacle to the export of grain, said Peskov

The Kremlin announced today that the Russian attacks on Odessa are not an obstacle to the export of Ukrainian grain and the implementation of...

Clouds of war on Croatia as Russia declares Croatia an enemy country

Russia added Croatia to the list of enemy countries. In addition to Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, and Slovakia were added to the list. The decree...
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Anti-terror crusader Bangladeshi officer gets promotion

Bangladesh Armed Forces have promoted an anti-terror crusader and a brilliant officer Brigadier General Ziaul Ahsan to the rank of Major General. Major General...

America announces a new package of weapons for Ukraine

The USA will announce a new weapons package for Ukraine in the coming days, a government official confirmed this evening. The package is expected...
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Zelenskyy dismisses important people: Clarification has arrived

The deputy head of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Andrey Smirnov, who is one of his closest associates, denied that the head of the state...

Speed of Light – The US Air Force receives the first laser weapon for its planes

The US Air Force received the first Laser Advancements for Next-generation Compact Environments (LANCE) airborne laser weapon, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. The US Air Force...
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Zelenskyy claims to liberate part of the occupied territory

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said that his country had regained possession of some areas that Russia had occupied. He emphasized that Ukraine...

Serbia is threatened with serious consequences: The first reaction from the EU has arrived because of Putin’s TV

The Russian state television Russia Today will open its representative office in Serbia. It is about a TV station banned by the EU for...
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