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Debasish Bhattacharyya
Debasish Bhattachryya is former General Manager, International Centre Goa and former Dy. General Manager, India International Centre, New Delhi
Indian heroes of independence

A letter to Mother India

Dear Mother India, As we celebrate your 73rd Independence Day paying homage and remembering all the freedom fighters those who contributed and fought for the...
Focus on North Eastern States and challenges of technical education

Challenges of Quality Technical Education: Special Focus on Technical Institutions of North Eastern States

The North Eastern States are still a challenge for technical education. The government should focus on promoting technical education in north-east India
The unforgettable personalities: A book review revealing secrets

The unforgettable personalities- A book review revealing secrets

Book review of Kuldeep Nayyar's latest book On Leaders and Icons from Jinnah to Modi. The book reveals many secrets.
Hanuman- Sankat Mochan or Sankat Amantran

Lord Hanuman; Sankat Mochan or Sankat Amantran

Politics in India made Hanuman a sankat amantran deity. Caste and Religion have centered the political system in the country.
In pursuit of efficient, decisive government: Time for retailoring notion

In pursuit of Efficient and Decisive Government: Time for Retailoring Notion

Lok Sabha elections 2019 are about to launch. The national government and political parties are ready. Indian political system and ruling party.