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Manish Rai is a Columnist and editor of geopolitical news agency ViewsAround (VA). He has done reporting from Jordon, Iran, Qatar, UAE and Afghanistan. His work has been quoted in the British Parliament.
Erdogan of Turkey and Donald Trump of the USA shaking hands in agreement

Kurds Falling Prey to Turkey Expansionist Policy

Turkey and the United States have agreed on the creation of a buffer zone in northern Syria in areas controlled by Syrian Kurdish forces. Details...
Balochistan Independence Movement or Baloch National Movement

Baloch organisations in Australia protested against Pakistani atrocities

Baloch people belong to Balochistan, a state in Pakistan. Since the independence of Pakistan, the Balochistan province is seeking independence too from the rule...
Abu Dhabi Going to Stay in Yemen

Abu Dhabi Going to Stay in Yemen

Last month, the United Arab Emirates announced that it will reduce its forces significantly in Yemen. After this announcement, Emiratis started pulling out its...
Pashtuns in Pakistan face state negligence

Pashtuns in Pakistan face state negligence; grievance not addressed

Imran Khan's Pakistan government discriminates Pukhtoon, Afghan, or Pathan regions. Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) fighting for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.