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Sunday, November, 27, 2022
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Mohammad Javad Mousavizadeh



A journalist from Iran, a press translator, and writer for Iranians newspapers. A contributor to The Eastern Herald.

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Mashhad’s New Mayor Invites Foreign Investors

Mashhad’s new mayor, Seyed Abdullah Arjaei Shirazi, stressed that Mashhad, the second city regarded as having political and economic effects in Iran, is fully...

US Election Have Same Important for Iranians Compared to Americans

The 2020 United States presidential election will have a direct relationship to Iran's economic situation in the future. Iranians have disappointed to solve problems...

Eyes turn to the next parliamentary elections in Iran, Principlists have more hopefulness

The eleventh Islamic Parliament elections in Iran will be on February 21, 2020, across the country. Seyed Salaman Samani spokesman of Interior Ministry said...