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Diwali; The Dhuan on Fire

This Diwali made Delhi go in a situation which is favourable for Hitler to send his nemesis to go in. At 10 in the night, I found myself in a very gregarious situation as I stayed here and didn’t go home. The austerity of the air made me go numb and anxious for 2 hours or so. Believe me, if this is the situation after the government tried to not sell the crackers then it could have worsened without it.
For me; Diwali is Deepawali- a festival of light and not of firing crackers or making noise pollution. Sometimes, it feels very awkward when you are not allowed to utter anything about any religion. I do believe in religion and consider this to be the bond between people. The market, in the evening, was very crowded and shining not just with coloured lights but colourful people as well. Believe me, this Deepawali made Delhi something we call ‘The Gas Chamber.’
Even if there are people; the real people left here then lets pledge that we’ll try to contribute to the building our environment better to make Delhi a safer place for our next generation. Let’s not let them call us ‘Jerks’ in the future who spoiled the mother nature.
Jai Hind.

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