Bangladesh shows crude notoriety of repression on the free press by blocking online edition of the anti-militancy newspaper Blitz

    Attack on Free Press and Free Speech in Sheikh Hasina's Bangladesh

    Free Speech in Danger-Banned Weekly Blitz Website in Bangaldesh
    Free Speech in Danger-Banned Weekly Blitz Website in Bangaldesh

    The way antisemitic government in Bangladesh has abruptly blocked the online edition of the anti-militancy and extremely bold newspaper Blitz in Bangladesh is extremely shocking. It is unbelievable. It is a matter of gravest dismay. As a fellow journalist editor of The Eastern Herald and member of the persecuted Ahmadiyya community, I am feeling terribly annoyed at this latest steps of the Bangladesh authorities, because Blitz and it’s editor, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, are the greatest allies of the Ahmadiyyas as well in our common battle against religious extremism, culture of hatred, radical Islam and jihad.

    Ever since I came to know about Blitz, I was it’s a vivid reader because this newspaper not only confronts radical Islam and jihad but it also very courageously defends the State of Israel.

    Online edition of this voice of the Zion has been blocked in Bangladesh just few days from January 27 when the entire world will observe the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and Blitz will be publishing many articles which would help its readers in Bangladesh in knowing the history of the Holocaust in a country where antisemitism, Israel bashing, and hatred towards Jewish people are still at alarmingly high level

    Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is not only the most courageous and virtuous journalist in today’s world but he and his newspaper deserve global appreciation and admiration for the role they have been playing for more than 16 years. The latest incident of blocking the Blitz online edition in Bangladesh clearly proves the degree of intimidation and repression any free press like Blitz are facing in Bangladesh.

    Although the favorable editorial policy of Blitz towards Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina would put us into further concern because while Sheikh Hasina might not have any hands behind the blocking of Blitz, how the newspaper’s online edition had been blocked? Who are behind this action? Though we can easily realize – the quarters behind blocking Blitz are cohorts of radical Islam and jihad, we may also start thinking, the same quarters are vehemently against Sheikh Hasina and might be implementing the secret agenda of the jihadist forces as well as Pakistani spy agency ISI.

    We are not only demanding the immediate lifting of this wrong ban on Blitz in Bangladesh but also are calling upon Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her administration to immediately initiate an investigation into this matter and identify the culprits behind this blocking and ensure stern punishment to those culprits.

    We also want to say, if the ridiculous ban on Blitz online edition is not lifted immediately, we shall clearly realize – this ban was imposed by the government of Bangladesh and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will, in that case, can not deny being apprised of it.

    The Eastern Herald may not be amongst the so-called mainstream newspapers in India, but we want to clearly and proudly proclaim, this newspaper is not the union of cowards, hypocrites, antisemites, and darling of radical Islam.

    While we are calling upon the Ahmadiyyas, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Jain’s and other religious minorities in India to speak out against this unacceptable ban on a courageous newspaper like Blitz, we also are calling upon the international community, rights groups and policymakers in the West to condemn this act of crude repression on free press in Bangladesh.