Home Government and Politics Pulwama Attack; An Intelligence Failure, Pakistan’s Retaliation to Airstrike

Pulwama Attack; An Intelligence Failure, Pakistan’s Retaliation to Airstrike

Indian armed forces must remain prepared for any strike back from Pakistan

Pulwama Attack; An Intelligence Failure, Pakistan's Retaliation to Airstrike

Airstrike on Pakistani soil may prove to be a very strong reaction of Indian armed forces against the Pulwama terror attack. This intimated the Pakistan armed forces that India is ready for any kind of retaliation and attack too.


Changes in the defence policy of India since Ajit Doval’s appointment in RAW gave a strong instigation of war against the neighbouring nation Pakistan. Doval’s policies may prove to be effective if India eyes on China too.

The Pulwama Terror Attack – A Failure of Indian Intelligence

Indian intelligence and security agencies failed to smell a rat. The Pulwama terror attack is definitely made our intelligence stand in a grid. Indian intelligence always claimed to be an international intelligence agency but this failure can raise very significant questions against it. This is an extremely terrifying situation that our security agencies are not able to provide clear intelligence of such a big attack, that too, on our soldiers on Indian ground.

In an OpEd article titled “Pulwama: Was there an intelligence failure on India’s part?” C.P. Surendran at Gulf News stated “On the other hand, if the progress of the convoy was being monitored in some quarters (army or any other national security body), the suspect movement of the suicide bomber was not taken seriously. Military convoys move up and down the highway at regular intervals. The predictability of the movement must have come in handy for the militants.”

Pulwama Attack and Politics

After a lot of analysis and observations, it has been brought in the light that the Pulwama attack could become a game-changer momentum for the Modi government to influence the BJP’s political campaign in the nation.

One side where BJP was picketed by the opposition on defence deal(Rafael) and media started questioning the ruling elite(BJP) about their business allies(Ambani) this was the only significant and secret conspiracy diverting the critical defence issue saving the sinking ship of BJP and Modi.

All the opposition took a stand to fight against terrorism and hence attacking Pakistan. What can anyone do about the political blunders during the last 5 years when the national sentiment is inclined towards the massacre of our troops.

Rising of Ram Mandir

During the Kumbh Mela, thousands of Sadhus(Hindu monks) assembled and gathered the media attention towards the Ram Mandir issue. They were about to move towards Ayodhya for the cause. 21st February 2019 was the date proposed and decided to lay the foundation stone of Ram Mandir. Sadhus who have dedicated their lives for the same cause are in a rage against Modi and the ruling party. On many occasions and press events, they have demonstrated their anger towards BJP and Modi theorizing a conspiracy against the nation which influences elections in favour of BJP and Modi.

Pakistan’s Retaliation on Airstrike

Pakistani PM Imran Khan took an international stand and is planning to bring the attention of the UN security council. A couple of countries favoured Indian airstrikes on Pakistani soil but bigger powers: USA, Chine, Germany, Turkey and even our biggest alliance Russia remained silent. This gives an instigation that our foreign policies are not favouring India but our domestic politics.

Saudi Arabia remains silent too as Prince Salman’s visit to India went as paltry. Prince Salman not only visited India but Pakistan too right after the Pulwama Attack.

Pakistan may(will) retaliate and Indian armed forces must remain prepared to strike back. The silence of the International community manifests their inclination.