Tathagata Roy and Kashmiri Leadership- A Lesson to India worth reading
Tathagata Roy and Kashmiri Leadership- A Lesson to India worth reading

Tathagata Roy tweeted inclined to an army colonel’s comment to “boycott everything which is Kashmiri.” Indians believe Kashmir to be an integral part of India. These kinds of statements make people go another direction.

The Meghalaya Governor Roy is speaking the tongue of ISI.

These kinds of comments turn very violent to us being a secular and responsible country. Roy’s comment clearly proves Kashmir as not an integral part of India, which certainly is a clear case of sedition and high treason. If we are to prove ourselves as patriots, Roy must go to jail.

Pakistan, since it’s independence, considers Kashmir to the part of Pakistan contrary to this India believes that Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Terrorism in the Kashmir valley sponsored by Pakistan made India suffer huge losses. Kashmir is turning into another fanatic state where other faiths and communities can’t harmoniously live. The exile of Kashmiri Pundits is one of the biggest shreds of evidence of this.

ISI and its allies like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Taliban are infiltrating India through Kashmir. The separatists in Kashmir are the main cause of infiltration. Indian army always followed the diplomatic solution to this infiltration.

The separatist leaders are contesting the elections and the Indian constitution gave them this right to fight elections. One of the famous separatist leader Yasin Malik who was a militant and captured by Indian armed forces is now a politician in Kashmir. These minds are followed by Kashmiri youngsters. What can they preach is nothing but separation theory. Everyday Indian armed forces are being stone pelted by locals.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is one of the most outspoken separatist leaders who speak the language of Pakistan. Mirwaiz always takes stand on Pakistan’s side.

He is some of those few leaders who want to get merged in Pakistan making Kashmir another state of Islamists as he is. Mirwaiz never utters anything in favor of atrocities committed by Pakistan or Pakistan sponsored terrorists. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is a strong separatist leader and a religious leader too influencing the elections in the Kashmir valley. His security is withdrawn right after the Pulwama Terrorist attack.

The government of India should also take notice of the religious activities in Kashmir:

Kashmir which is turning into another Islamist state should always remain on Indian radar. The separatist leaders in Kashmir are Islamist in nature and want separation from India. This is what Pakistan wants too.

It has been noticed that every Friday prayer is becoming an event to share the information with separatist groups through the public. The militant Imams in Kashmir deliver their Friday sermons in a way which if is decoded properly will come up as a new threat on India and Indian armed forces.

The government of India should definitely control the in-mosque activities as well as controlling the Imams’ activities. In the recent past, it has been noticed that Imams delivered their sermons targeting some minorities like Ahmadiyya Muslims in Kashmir. The act is never condemned by any Indian mainstream media. But the matter of the fact is Imams’ should be controlled and properly surveillance be opted.

In the Muslim majority countries the religious institutes are controlled by the government:

Religious institutions like the Madrassa(religious school), Masjid(mosque) and other related organizations are highly controlled by the government. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and other Muslim world countries know this very strongly that if they lose control of the clerics and clergies they may face a huge loss.

  • But why do we not learn from them?
  • Why do they control even if they are Muslim majority countries or Islamic countries by law?

Tathagata Roy and his tweet

Governor of Meghalaya, Tathagata Roy’s tweet will never be appreciated in Indian society. In the past 2 decades, all the terrorist India captured; either they are Pakistanis or Kashmiris. Even then the Indian society and Indian people believe that Kashmiris as a whole should not be treated this way.

In many parts of India, Kashmiri students are facing troubles. They are beaten at many colleges and universities. A report from Chhattisgarh stated that 4 Kashmir students are beaten up by students of their own university.

Indian people like some of Kashmiri items like Akhrot(Walnut), Shilajit(Mumijo) and Kashmiri Pashmina are some of those few products of Kashmir which can be found in every home of Indian. Who can forget Kashmiri Kesar(Saffron)?

We, Indians, do not hate Kashmiris, in-fact, when some Kashmiri hawker comes in the street everyone comes out and tries to find something for their homes. Tathagata’s comment cannot be considered as an Indian comment at all.