The US Administrative Action on Bangladesh; Threat to Democracy

Threats to Democracy in Bangladesh

Administrative Action on Bangladesh from the United States

General elections in Bangladesh is the most important political event as for any other country around the globe. General elections 2018 were very crucial in terms of political rivalry between Bangladesh Nationalist Party(BNP) and Coalition Jamaat-e-Islami(a radical Islamist group), and Awami League(ruling party led by Sheikh Hasina).

By the end of November, the ruling party was ruling the grounds. It was The Eastern Herald only campaigned against the radical Islamist side due to our editorial policies and Sheikh Hasina took benefit out of it.

By the end of December 2018, the statistics changed dramatically making Sheikh Hasina the hero of the nation.

The international media right after the results of the elections played very critical towards Sheikh Hasina and her power play. But The Eastern Herald which played a very crucial role and made them understand the legitimacy of Sheikh Hasina, after serious criticism and investigation the US recognized the Bangladesh general elections 2018 legitimate and fair. I think; This was a mistake.

Allies of Sheikh Hasina:

Sheikh Hasina and her party now making good allies with notoreous Islamist goons and Hefazat-e-Islam group. She might think that these radical groups may help her in gaining real public popularity and vote bank. Madam Prime Minister, if these uncivilized groups were so much powerful that then they would have a voice in the Bangladesh parliament as well. I can assure you, if they plan to play politics and participate in elections; they’re not going to win any seat.

Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims:

As reported by the Eastern Herald only; Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bangladesh received threats from Hefazat-e-Islam and Khatm-e-Nabuwat goons. They rallied against the peaceful Ahmadiyya people and influencing the government to declare Ahmadis a non-Muslim minority in the country as done in Pakistan.
This was Khatm-e-Nabuwat in Pakistan who played an important role convincing the ruling party to make constitutional amendments in Pakistan. Now, it is their agenda to persecute the community worldwide, if not then at least in Muslim majority countries.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does not understand their strategies and policies. These groups are backed by ISIS and Dayes. They are in a direction to make Bangladesh an unprogressive nation. This way people will not have good employment and ultimately no good education. The situation will become vulnerable and all madrassas in the nation then lobby to gain the public trust showing them the back support from Islamist nations like Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Syria. This will be the time when people will get molded towards the extremism thinking this is their fate.

Even after receiving threats on my phone through WhatsApp private calls I have not stopped following and writing the articles.

No media outlet was supporting the issue.

They took it lightly due to a very light response from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Ahmadis traditionally never attack any group due to their very soft teachings which promote love and brotherhood. But, what they don’t know is, this is the only point which makes them the most vulnerable religious community around the globe.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s head His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad in an interview to a leading Television said Ahmadis believe in love for all hatred for none. Ahmadis will always progress due to their teachings and values.

Attack on Ahmadis in Bangladesh:

After receiving threats from Hefazat-e-Islam and Khatm-e-Nabuwat goons on 8th February, Ahmadis remained silent hoping that media will support them. Media never reported this event. Following this conspiracy against this love preaching community in the darkness of night these Islamist groups backed by ISIS attacked the business establishments of Ahmadis in town. Looting and beating Ahmadis continued for a significant two hours. They have burnt the shops and looted everything they could.

The same night they attacked the Ahmadiyya dominated village. There were 1000-1500 Islamists attacked the village and brutally tortured some member of the Ahmadiyya Islam faith. The law enforcement remained a silent spectator.

It was reported in a couple of newspapers in Bangladesh stating it a clash.

Before the ISIS organized an attack on Ahmadis, the goons planned their moves with the district authorities which played on their side. Deputy Commissioner Sabina Yasmin, Superintendent of Police was met by ISIS people on a high tea.

  1. What was she doing with these guys just before the attack?
  2. Was this a state-sponsored riot against Ahmadis as happened in 1973 in Pakistan killing thousands of Ahmadis during Islamist military dictator Genl. Ziaul Haq regime.

Again it was only The Eastern Herald reporting the wickedness first stating ‘Pro-Caliphate Islamist Group Attacks Ahmadiyya: Law Enforcement Supports‘ and right after some serious proofs published another news titled ‘ISIS Attacks Ahmadiyyas in Bangladesh; Wake Up Sheikh Hasina

ISIS claimed the responsibility of this attack. But, media played its popular politically motivated card stating that this was the attacked directed by some local Islamist groups. Why the ruling elite is trying to hide the presence of ISIS driven players in Bangladesh?
Newspapers reported that police took serious action and they managed to catch some culprits too. Due to the lack of evidence, these Islamists will be released to plan another attack again.

The Eastern Herald Effect:

HOUSE FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE CALLED FOR ADMINISTRATION ACTION TO PROTECT DEMOCRACY IN BANGLADESH. Due to the effective reporting of The Eastern Herald, the US authorities have taken steps and found out that the elections in Bangladesh are questionable.

The report stated “Although the government-appointed election commission has claimed the?election?was legitimate, we believe the allegations of widespread rigging and voter suppression must be taken seriously. According to press accounts, when polls across the country officially opened, reporters found that some ballot boxes looked suspiciously full. There are reports that Awami League activists barred some people from voting, claiming that the polling stations were closed for lunch or had run out of ballots. Some voters were even told their votes had already been cast. To make matters worse, the Government of Bangladesh failed to grant credentials and issue visas to most international election monitors, including those funded by the United States.”
A letter is written to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the members highlighted reports of election fraud, improper election rigging and voter suppression surrounding Bangladesh’s December 2018 election, urging the Department to take action.

In another development, a top Pentagon commander also expressed concern over the December 30 polls, saying that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina “is trying to achieve a de-facto one-party rule”.


The US authorities are very much welcomed on this step and we are looking forward to more cooperation from them. The Eastern Herald group will always remain in favor of the persecuted communities; whether it is:
Ahmadiyya Muslims around the world, or
Christians in Muslim dominated countries, or
Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, or
Jews and Semitic around the world, or
Baha’i in Muslim Majority nations, or
Shia outside Iran and so on.
We are looking forward to any cooperation from any international group and organizations in making this world livable for the minorities.