Home General News Odisha Assembly’s motion in favour of Abhijit Iyer Mitra

Odisha Assembly’s motion in favour of Abhijit Iyer Mitra

Odisha Assembly's motion in favour of Abhijit Iyer Mitra

Odisha Assembly on Saturday passed a motion to forgive writer Abhijit Iyer Mitra who had supposedly made ‘deprecatory comments’ against MLAs, Odisha, and the Konark Sun Temple. On the main day of the Assembly Session, a House Committee which was shaped to research the issue prescribed the reduction in its report which was submitted to the Assembly Speaker Pradeep Amat.On the premise of the Committee’s proposal, a motion to forgive Mitra was moved in the Assembly, which was acknowledged by the House. It merits making reference to that he had just apologized before the Committee. The Committee additionally suggested giving him books on Odisha’s history and culture. On November 7, a camp court at Jharpada Jail had held its decision on Abhijit Iyer Mitra’s safeguard supplication and expanded his legal care for 14 days. On November 3, columnist Mitra had dismissed before the House Committee of Odisha assembly and presented an oath over his supposed critical comments against the state administrators and the Konark Sun Temple. On October 23, Mitra was captured by the Bhubaneshwar Police regarding the case recorded at Saheed Nagar police headquarters over his injurious comments against officials and Konark Sun Temple. He was arrested by the state police after he showed up before the House Committee of the Odisha Legislative Assembly. Amid a visit to the Konark Sun Temple on September 16 this year, Mitra had posted a humorous video on Twitter, where he made deprecatory comments offending Odisha, its culture, custom and the officials. Mitra was at first captured by the Odisha Police on September 20 from Delhi on the charges of harming religious suppositions. A Delhi court later allowed him safeguard against an obligation of Rs 1 lakh and guided him to join the examination at the Konark police headquarters. He at that point moved the Supreme Court for safeguard, where his supplication was subdued. On October 11, Mitra composed an expression of remorse letter to the House Committee and the Speaker of the Odisha Assembly over his unfavorable comments and different offenses he is blamed for.

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