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Demand for Islamic religious education is growing

Demand for Islamic religious education is growing

Mainz – According to Minister of Education Stefanie Hubig (SPD), the demand for Islamic religious instruction at schools in Rhineland-Palatinate is increasing. In the current school year, four schools were added with such an offer, Hubig said in an editorial meeting of the German Press Agency in Mainz. Nationwide, there are 14 elementary and seven secondary schools. “It will tend to be more, and that’s a good thing,” said the Minister. “Religious classes in the back room are not an alternative.”

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Because there is still no contract between the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and Islamic associations, existing partners are looking for local partners for Islamic religious education. The lessons are carried out in cooperation with the local Muslim contacts on the basis of the state curriculum. Lessons are given by civil servants or employees from the country. “If there is an overall agreement, it will be easier because you will have nationwide contacts.”

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