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The Indian constitution achieved a major milestone on 5 August 2019 when Article 370 was abrogated and the government declared the state of Jammu and Kashmir as a union territory against all odds. It was the top headline in most news channels, including ETV Bharat Top News Headlines.

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Since India’s independence from the British regime, the country has always been at loggerheads with the neighboring country of Pakistan. The burning issue was Kashmir. After eight decades of undying struggle and strife, now the natives of Jammu and Kashmir can look forward to a life of peace and land to bring up their children and foster peace and harmony.

Today, according to ETV Bharat Delhi, this major milestone day can be referred to as the second independence day of India.

What exactly happened on August 5th of 2019?

This is the day when Article 379 of the Indian constitution was not revoked. The Indian President Ramnath Kovind made a few modifications allowed by the provisions of the Indian judicial laws.

Now Jammu and Kashmir is not a state with special status but is a respectable union territory as per the ETV Bharat top news headlines. It will now be recognized as an integral part of India and the natives of the state have all the rights that the rest of the Indian citizens have.

What does Article 370 mean for Jammu and Kashmir?

Article 370 is actually a temporary provision and exempts the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian constitution. It had the authority to draft its own constitution excluding the Indian Parliament’s powers in the state. In brief, it was given a special status. But now they enjoy the status of union territory which is even better for the conflict-stricken state says ETV Bharat Delhi.

Are people of J&K happy with the government of India’s decision?

With every new bill in the constitution, there is likely to be furor in a democratic country like India. There will be some takers and some agitators. However, the Indian government managed to surpass all the hurdles by making J&K a union territory.

How did the government achieve success?

Despite threats from Pakistan and the various warnings given and reported by ETV Bharat top news headlines the J&K constituency assemble was successfully dissolved.

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Clause 3 of Article 370 states that the President of India has the power to amend the provisions of the article.

What are the hurdles?

There are bound to be hurdles say ETV Bharat Delhi. Nothing comes easy in a country like India. But if viewed from the long run, Jammu and Kashmir stand to benefit. Present-day J&K is under the strict vigilance of the armed forces and it is for their own security. People who never considered themselves as Indians now will be seen as the citizens of India. They will get their rights as Indian citizens and also the power to vote.

The biggest challenge for J&K

The decision to face the consequences remains with the people of J&K. Are they going to continue living a life filled with terror attacks, and in fear and disharmony? Or, do they want a protected life, with peace and tranquillity along with solitude? Many people asked ETV Bharat Delhi about this. The answer is simple and logical, and the latter is the most sensible option after years of strife.


Although the citizens of J&K feel that they have been at the receiving end for several decades, even India has lost several valuable lives from the armed forces by securing the borders. Time is the best healer they say and someday, the people of Jammu and Kashmir will come to this realization.