The European Union announced that it will set up an international institute to draw up an independent and objective report, to be completed until late this year, on the contents of Palestinian study books.

The Israeli Radio (Makan) claimed that this step comes the day after the European Parliament asked the European Union to stop funding this device because it did not fulfill its obligations to write off content that includes incitement against the State of Israel and the Jewish people from the study books.

It is worth noting that in the past four years, the European Union has donated nearly one billion euros through its funds to Palestinian education.

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Sources in the European Union commented on this decision, saying that complaints about the existence of certain contents in Palestinian educational books that do not meet international standards in the field of education for peace were previously examined, but they were proven to be incorrect.

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The sources added that representatives of the Union had previously held discussions with the Israeli and Palestinian sides in order to combat incitement to hatred and violence, which increases mistrust between the two peoples.

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