The Chinese government is open to an independent review of the response to the crown virus epidemic after states succeed in restraining it. China’s President Xi Jinping defended his government’s response to the World Health Organization meeting today, as the director-general promised an investigation as soon as possible.

Iceland is among the 122 WHO member states that proposed the origin of a new variant of the crown virus and the response of the world’s states to it to be investigated at the Agency’s Annual Session this morning and conducted through teleconferencing. The US and Australian governments have specifically targeted China and the WHO over the epidemic.

WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus stated in parliament that an investigation was being conducted “at the earliest opportunity” and that it would help prepare for future epidemics.

“We all learned lessons from this epidemic. All countries and institutions must examine their response and learn from experience. The WHO is committed to transparency, accountability, and ongoing reform,” Tedros said.

Beijing’s government has so far resisted an investigation into the origin and spread of the virus, but President Xi told parliament today that the WHO would need to conduct such an investigation with objectivity and fairness, according to the Reuters news agency.

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“From the outset, we have acted openly with transparency and accountability,” Xi asserted. However, at the beginning of the epidemic, the Chinese government refused to share the virus information with other nations and Wuhan authorities tried to silence doctors and reporters who warned of the danger.

Xi announced that the Chinese government would spend $ 2 billion to help the world’s states fight the crown virus and the economic impact of the pandemic, especially the developing world.

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