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Joe Biden hopes Democrats don’t impeach Trump

Joe Biden hopes Democrats don't impeach Trump

Washington, Oct 18 (The Eastern Herald) Former US Vice President Joe Biden said he hopes that the Democrats do not move to impeach President Donald Trump if they win a majority in the House of Representatives after the mid-term elections in November.

In an interview with the CBS News on Wednesday, Biden said that the Democrats must wait for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings in the Russia probe before making a move on Trump, reports Efe news.

“I hope they don’t. I don’t think there’s a basis for doing that right now… Let’s see where the investigation takes us,” Biden said.

The former Vice President (2009-2017) was also not in favour of pressurising Mueller to conclude the investigation before the Nov.6 poll date.

“You don’t put an arbitrary end to it. You wait till it’s finished, and let’s see what it has to say,” Biden added.

According to the Constitution, an impeachment of a President requires a majority vote in its favour in the lower chamber of Congress.

The House of Representatives is currently dominated by the Republicans.

Impeachment requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate, the upper chamber.

A majority of surveys forecast a majority gain for the Democrats in the House of Representatives in the November 6 mid-terms but a Republican majority in the Senate is also most likely.

Biden has begun raising money and is considered one of the top Democratic candidates to prevent Trump from taking office for a second term in 2020.

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