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Sunday, August, 7, 2022



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Who is most likely to get Monkeypox and who is protected against it?

According to the latest updates from the statistics site Our World in Data, there are already more than 300 confirmed cases of monkeypox since...

North Korea lifts lockdown: Virus situation under control

North Korea has lifted movement restrictions imposed in the capital, Pyongyang, after first recognizing the COVID-19 epidemic a week ago, media reported, while an...
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Robb Elementary Shooting: Biden is briefed of the children massacre

The US President Joe Biden has been briefed on the horrific news of a Texas primary school shooting and will continue to be kept...

The number of poor in the Arab region will rise to 126 million in 2023

Beirut / TEH: The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) said Thursday that the year 2023 will witness a rise in...
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Kinder causes poisoning in Britain.. 9 Arab countries against the chocolate

Dubai, UAE / TEH: Nine Arab countries, most recently the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Jordan, moved against the famous chocolate, Kinder, for children, after reports...

Hailing From The Hypersensitive Crowd

A small but growing body of neuro-scientific research confirms the existence of “empaths” and “highly sensitive people”. Here’s what to do if you’re one...
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Ferrero Kinder Surprises chocolate lovers in the Arab world too

Dubai, UAE / TEH: Types of imported chocolate "Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs" sparked controversy in Bahrain and Egypt, after accusations of "adulteration" and containing...

Top 10 Tips to Maintain the Digestive System during Fasting in Ramadan

Dubai, UAE: The holy month of Ramadan came, to immerse the Islamic world in the spirituality of the month of forgiveness, liberation from the...
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