Bald males are more likely than well-cured males to have severe symptoms of a crown virus. This is among the findings of Professor Carlos Wambier’s study at Brown University in the United States. Since this is reported on the Telegraph.

According to the professor’s data, there is a direct link between bald men and more severe viral infections caused by the crown virus. The risk factor in question has been called the “Gabrin link”, which is in the head of Dr. Frank Gabrin, the first bald doctor to kill because of the crown virus.

Try new anti-virus drugs

Data from the epidemic have so far suggested that men are more likely than women to die due to the virus. Male hormones, including testosterone, are believed to help the virus to attack the body’s cells. Therefore, the above data have raised questions about whether the hormones in question can be reduced and thus counteract the virus.

“We think that androgen hormones or male hormones help the virus to attack the body’s cells. We believe that baldness gives us one of the strongest indications as to whether the viral infection will be serious,” says Charles Wambier, but US scientist Matthew Rettig is currently investigating whether drugs that reduce the above hormones work in the fight against the crown virus.

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  1. Why should the innocent humans die because of the funny research outcomes like now corona, please whoever is doing this I appeal to you humbly to forgive us the rest who are not part of the research, we want to live longer to see our great grands.
    Let’s forgive each other and leave peaceful in our families and mother world

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