The University of Oxford will begin testing its coronavirus vaccine in Brazil in June after they announced in April that they had had positive results in animals. In total there will be 2,000 volunteers, who must be healthy people.

This will be the first test to be carried out outside the United Kingdom and will feature one of the countries most affected by the virus in the world.

The authorization was granted by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), and the selection of volunteers has already begun, who must be inoculated and exposed to the virus.

“People between 18 and 55 years old, health professionals and people with high probabilities of infection, who work in sectors such as cleaning and support in the structures that are caring for patients with covid-19,” they said.

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The vaccination process would begin in mid-June and the analyzes could last up to 12 months, as it is an emergency situation.

“It is a very important strategy at this time when the pandemic is occurring worldwide and is on the rise in Brazil, we are in the acceleration phase of contagion of the epidemiological curve,” indicated from Anvisa.

It should be noted that the process will have the support of the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the Reference Center for Special Immunobiologicals, of Unifesp.

“The results of those tests will be paramount to registering the vaccine in the UK, scheduled for later this year. However, formal registration should only occur when the studies carried out in all the participating countries are completed, ”they concluded.

Brazil is the second country most affected by Covid-19 in the world, with nearly 500,000 confirmed cases. To this are added a total of 30,000 deaths.

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