Corona in South Africa

South Africa has become the first African country to cross the 10,000-point marker of coronavirus infection, after it registered, on Sunday, May 10, 595 cases during the last 24 hours.

The total number of cases of coronavirus in South Africa rose to 10 thousand and 15 cases, including 194 deaths, with 8 new deaths recorded as “Covid-19”, bringing the proportion of coronavirus deaths in South Africa approximately 1.9%.

And South Africa is the most affected country in the black continent with the Coronavirus, out of more than 64 thousand cases in the entire continent, the country has more than 10 thousand cases, with 15.6% of the total cases recorded in Africa.

On the other hand, South Africa has one of the highest cure rates for “Covid-19” disease in Africa, with 4173 cases of viral disease recovering, with a cure rate of approximately 41.7%.

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