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Representatives of right-wing Israeli political forces plan to stage counter-protests. According to the publication The post of Jerusalemthe police are...
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Arab World


Ukraine Crisis

Military expert Suvorov told about the scandalous origin of the Leopard 2A6 tank

German Leopard 2A6 tanks supplied to Ukraine...

In Ukraine, they feared that the Russian Federation would take over most of the country

All of right-bank Ukraine could fall under Russian control....

The coming recession will be worse than the 2008 financial crisis Worldwide The global economic crisis will inevitably break out....

Russian smart mines “Gran” destroyed all level crossings in Artemovsk

The supply of the Ukrainian garrison in Artemivsk was...

The war against Ukraine is accompanied by an upsurge in repression

The war launched by Russia against Ukraine has been...

US Politics

Anything and everything about the developments in the United Staes Politics and Elections.


Foreign Affairs

British instructors have already trained Ukrainian tankers in the use of uranium projectiles

British military instructors have already trained Ukrainian army personnel in the use of depleted uranium projectiles. Wrote about it Declassified UK. As evidence, the publication cites a...

German tanks arrived in Ukraine

Ukraine received 18 Leopard 2 tanks from Germany, the Defense Ministry in Berlin said. In January, Germany agreed to supply tanks that are considered to be among the best in...

China will have to take over the Korean Peninsula

The American elites are about to begin the implementation of the concept of industrialization of the AUKUS block. Economist Mikhail Khazin talked about it on the air of his author's...

Saudi Arabia’s aggressive oil strategy failed in China

Each year, the Chinese giant China National Oil Corp. publishes an estimate of when a country's oil demand could peak. The date has not changed much in...

Dating Relationship and Sexual Health

British singer Harry Styles and...


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Andrei Konovalov: Without official matches, the Russian national team is deteriorating

Former Moscow "Spartak" midfielder Andrey Konovalov said that without official matches, the Russian national football team is deteriorating. "Without official matches, our team deteriorates," he...
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