The Islamic State’s Wilayat ar-Raqqah (ar-Raqqah province) on Tuesday released a new video titled ‘To the braves of the Caliphate in Bangladesh’, praising terrorists who attacked Dhaka’s Holey Artisan Bakery, and threatening more attacks in the future.

The 5-minute-55-second video features three Bangla-speaking youths believed to be Bangladeshi Islamic State fighters in Raqqah, Syria. It appears to have been shot a day after the Dhaka attack, which claimed the lives of 20 hostages and two policemen.

The first youth, carrying a backpack and speaking on a busy road with traffic behind him, ends his speech in fluent English, warning, “What you witnessed in Bangladesh yesterday was just a glimpse. This will repeat, repeat and repeat until you lose and we win, and Sharia is established throughout the world. And you will never be able to stop it.”

The video begins with an audio message in Arabic, with Bangla subtitles, urging Muslims to carry out acts of jihad in their own country if they are unable to migrate to “Dawlatul Islam”, or the Islamic State territory in Syria and Iraq.

“If the kafirs (disbelievers) close the door of hijrah (migration) on you, then open the door of jihad on them. Your deeds should be a cause of regret for them. Certainly, your smallest deed on their land is more praiseworthy than our biggest deed here. It is of more use to us and more damaging to them,” the audio message begins.

“If your dream and effort of any one of you is to reach Dawlatul Islam, each one of us dreams to be in your place so that we can make examples for crusaders, scare them and terrorise them night and day till such time neighbour is scared of neighbour,” it says.

This is followed by the first youth’s speech in Bangla: “The kafir Bangladesh government, its officials, and its supporters, I want to ask all of you — how do you support democracy? Don’t you know that democracy is an ideology that says power to wield the rule of law lies in the hands of people, whereas the Prophet has said that the law is only Allah’s.”

“I want to tell the government of Bangladesh that the jihad that has come to Bangladesh now, the jihad you are witnessing, you have never before seen this. This is the jihad that was promised by the messenger of Allah. You will never be able to stop this jihad till the time we are victorious and you are vanquished, and the Caliphate and Sharia law is established all over the world,” he adds.

Then, switching to English, he says, “Finally, I want to send this message to the Crusaders, to the Christians, and the Jews and their allies. When our sheikh Adnani ordered us to fight, and to fight against you, he did not mean it as a joke. We are going to fight till the end. Either we will win, or we will get shahadah, that is martyrdom. So there is nothing for us to lose here. This is a battle you can never win, and you will never win.”

The video cuts to a second youth, with his face covered by a keffiyeh. “If we look at Bangladesh, every government in this country has changed the rules of Allah through laws framed by people, and therefore they become kafirs. It is obligatory on us to carry out armed jihad against them,” he says in Bangla.

“Why did this attack in Dhaka by the soldiers of the Caliphate take place? We have learned from the Prophet that our Ummah is like a body. If any part is wounded, then the injury spreads to the entire body. When thousands of innocent women and children are killed by aerial strikes in Syria, Iraq and Libya, this tragic sight hurts our Mujahideen brothers and sisters. To avenge the blood of their brothers and sisters, they will kill these people wherever they can,” he adds.

The video ends with a third youth’s speech, paying tribute to the Dhaka gunmen. “I am truly overwhelmed by reading the news about such a fantastic operation. Brother, the work you have done has never been done in Bangladesh before. You have created history. May Allah accept your martyrdom.”

“We have dreamed of jihad in Afghanistan and Sham (Syria). Today it has reached your doorstep. Please join the Mujahideen in large numbers. Those who are working in Bangladesh for the Islamic State, support the Mujahideen brothers with your lives and resources,” he adds.

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