Akhand Bharat Mission is the prime objective of PM Modi led BJP government in India. It is said that no Muslim supports BJP or RSS. But, it’s Sheikh Ghalib Ahmad from Andhra Pradesh is a well-known face among the social activists. He is an active founding member of the Next-generation for Akhand Bharat Nirman.

We’re supporting the Akhand Bharat Mission as Indian nationalist Muslims. There are a lot of Muslims with us supporting our cause and standing with the nation, said Ghalib.

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Islam is not any anti-national religion. Islam commands its followers that love thy country is an essential part of your faith. I am a Muslim and I believe that all Indian Muslims should join hands with us and follow the path of nationalism, said Sheikh Ghalib.

Muslims across the nation are raising slogans against BJP and RSS of being anti-Muslim political parties. Numerous cases of mob lynching are reported in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and many other states. These kinds of incidents confuse the idea of Akhand Bharat.

Muslims are left behind in this nation because of their own mistakes and beliefs. Today, if Muslims don’t join their hands and forces with the nationalist movement then they will be left behind again, said Ghalib.

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Since independence, Indian Muslims are marginalized by the ruling Congress Party and thus leaving Muslims near or below the poverty line almost. We believe in ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas’. Today, the government wants every Muslim to be with them and help in nation-building, and uniting Akhand Bharat added Sheikh Ghalib.

Muslims have a role to play in our economy as other communities. This year PM Modi launched many schemes especially focusing Muslims. Many scholarships are launched to uplift Muslims in India.

Akhand Bharat Mission rally is organized and it’s on the way. By 25th of September, we’ve planned an Akhand Bharat Mission Rally towards Jantar Mantar. Almost 5000 Muslims are supposed to join this march.