Balochistan Independence Movement or Baloch National Movement

Baloch people belong to Balochistan, a state in Pakistan. Since the independence of Pakistan, the Balochistan province is seeking independence too from the rule of Pakistan. This movement is called Balochistan Independence Movement or Baloch National Movement.

Baloch National Movement and Baloch Students Organisation, Australia chapter held awareness campaign in Melbourne on August 11 which is widely celebrated as Baloch Independence Day.

The campaign was conducted in front of the Victorian state library in which people were made aware of Balochistan issue and massive human rights violation there.

In addition to this, a protest was also held demanding safe recovery of Rashid Baloch a Human right activist who was arrested in Dubai and handed over to Pakistani authorities.

The protestors were holding banners and placards against Pakistani atrocities on Baloch people. They also demanded the international community to support Baloch people to get their rights and freedom.

It should be noted that every year on August 11 on Baloch Independence Day. Baloch nationalist organizations run an awareness campaign about Baloch issue in many parts of the world.