Home News Bangladeshi judge facing criminal charges seeks refuge in Canada

Bangladeshi judge facing criminal charges seeks refuge in Canada

Bangladeshi judge facing criminal charges seeks refuge in Canada

According to Corriere Canadese (The Canada Courier), last week, Mr Sinha along with his wife Sushma Sinha arrived in Canada via the port of entry at Fort Eire and filed the request for admission as a refugee.

Earlier they sought asylum in the United States, while the US authorities had turned-down Mrs Sinha’s petition. Sensing possible deportation, the couple fled to Canada, where they applied for political asylum.

Sitting in the US, Mr Sinha was maintaining regular contacts with some key figures of Jamaat e Islami while the party had funded the publication of a book written by him. As none of the publishers in the US showed interest in publishing the book, Sinha had later got it published through Amazon.

In September 2018, during the launching of his controversial book, which is mostly filled with lies and undocumented claims, Mr Sinha said, he was living in the United States as a “refugee”.

He said, “Actually I don’t have any status right now. I would request the authorities here to help me to stay because my visa is expiring. I sought political asylum but no decision has been made”.

Sinha further said, “I am now living as a refugee in a free and independent environment. Human rights are protected in this country and we can speak out against wrongs and injustice”.

Publication ceremony of Sinha’s book was funded by Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and for this reason, Mushfiqul Fazal Ansari, former press secretary to BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia was present as one of the key speakers.

Only a selected number of people were allowed to attend the program. Most of the major media outlets had ignored this event knowing Sinha was a controversial individual with connections with Jamaat.

Recently, the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has filed a case against SK Sinha on charges of corruption and money laundering.

The case of Mr Sinha

According to Bangladesh media reports, back in November 2017, Surendra Kumar Sinha submitted resignation sitting in Canada, when all the members of the Appellate Division in the Bangladesh Supreme Court expressed their unwillingness of sitting on the same bench with Mr Sinha as the chief justice as there had already been numerous allegations of corruption, nepotism, bribery, bank fraud, money laundering and abetting with the war criminals against him.

Earlier on October 13, 2017, Mr Sinha abruptly fled Bangladesh to skip legal consequences as rumours about his corruption and other financial crimes were already being whispered amongst the members of the press community.

Ever since fleeing Bangladesh, Mr Sinha has been spreading false propaganda against the country with imaginary allegations as well as he had also attempted of character assassination of various individuals out of vendetta.

After submitting resignation, he, along with his wife fled to Canada on November 6, 2017, and had tried to get political asylum citing various false grounds.

Illicit relations with female judges

During his tenure as the judge of Bangladesh’s apex court and later the chief justice, Mr Sinha had compelled several female colleagues in having immoral relations with him. There are specific allegations against him of having physical relations with Justice Hosne Ara Akhtar and Farzana Yasmin, Deputy Registrar of Bangladesh Supreme Court. It is also alleged that he was having private meetings with various individuals at various secret places by ignoring protocol and meeting individuals, negotiating the amount of bribe and receiving the cash.

Mr Sinha’s tactics of deception and habit of lying

Although Mr Surendra Kumar Sinha has been trying to mislead the Canadian authorities with the story of “intimidation” in Bangladesh, exactly the way he has done in the US, such claims are totally false and are manufactured by Bangladesh former Chief Justice with the ulterior motive of taking revenge on the Bangladesh authorities for their “crimes” of identifying his corruption evidence as well as specific evidence of his moral turpitude. On record, Mr Sinha has on a number of occasions lied to the people in Bangladesh and abroad, which he still is continuing, most possibly being dictated by his patrons in the Jamaat e Islami party.

Canada should not grant refuge to a wrong person

Canada although has always been extremely generous in granting asylum to various individuals from around the world, there also are records of rejection of asylum prayers, whenever the person seeking asylum is found to be either making false claims or hiding or twisting facts. The case of Mr Surendra Kumar Sinha clearly is a classic example of a vindictive individual looking for political asylum simply for skipping legal consequences at home. In the eyes of law, Mr Sinha is a person facing numerous corruption charges as well few other charges, including those of moral turpitude, which definitely does not make him or his wife eligible for political asylum or refugee status.