Punjab and Himachal in Flood by Bhakra Dam overflown water due to heavy rain
Some regions in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab during the flood

Heavy rain in the regions of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab led the major rivers to overflow. This made the storage of water in Bhakra Dam overflown thus resulting in a flood. Punjab flood news today is very serious. Bhakra Dam flood in Himachal Pradesh as well as a situation of flood in Punjab. Government of Punjab announced flood alert in Punjab. Govt. of Himachal Pradesh also announced flood alert in Himachal Pradesh. Now recently Haryana Govt. too declared flood alert in Haryana state. It was the govt. of Punjab to announce Flood Warning Punjab.

Punjab flood latest News Today 2019

The department of irrigation of Punjab declared high alert in the regions of Punjab and Himachal later last week.

Bhakra Dam Water Released

By 16th August the Bhakra Dam water reservoir gates were opened to release the excess of water in the dam. The excess of water in the dam may cause damage to the dam.

If the Bhakra Dam’s structure is damaged then it would cause a great level of damage including many casualties. Punjab flood latest news today is very critical in the situation.

Regions in Himachal Pradesh Affected by Bhakra Flood

There is no much damage to the major regions in Himachal Pradesh but some lower regions including the districts of Kangra and Chamba are mostly affected. Due to the Bhakra flood’s affects the Pathankot-Mandi highway is also blocked observing the dangers of travel during this time. Some remote regions are affected by the disturbance in the transport. Livelihood is also affected in almost all the lower regions of the state. There are no reports of any casualties in any region in Himachal Pradesh.

Near Palampur, several people stranded are rescued. The water level in rivulets Nurpur subdivision is on the rise. Chamunda Ji adjoining Baan Ganga and Baner Khud are flowing above the danger level.

Holidays Declared in Kangra District

Schools and government offices are closed in Kangra as holidays are declared by Kangra District Magistrate Rakesh Kumar Prajapati (IAS) as a precautionary measure.

Regions in Punjab Affected by Flood

Many districts in Punjab are affected by the flooding through the Bhakra Dam. As stated by the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) 17000 cusecs of the excess water have been released through spill gates of the Bhakra Dam. Remaining 36000 cusecs will also be released very soon but after it is used for power generation.

Flood Warning Punjab covers Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Mohali districts are affected in the first release of water.

Nagar Palika Qadian in district Gurdaspur has also issued a warning of flood alert and constituted different groups to maintain the situation if the Bhakra flood hits the town.

Population in low-lying areas of river Sutlej are advised to follow precautionary measures. But, the government of Punjab has not declared any measures provided and facilitated for people in the high alert regions.

Flooding in the Yamuna River

Delhi on High Alert

River Yamuna is flowing near danger level since last week. Warning level of the Yamuna River is 204.5 meters and it is presently flowing at as high as 204 meters. The level of water is continuously growing in the river Yamuna. Delhi is on real alert and the agencies are measuring the situations in realtime to deal with any situation of possible flooding.

For a few days, Old Yamuna Bridge is closed for traffic movement.