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Since India’s working-age popular is the highest in the world, PM Modi’s New Skill India Program is going to be a good initiative for skilled individuals to have better growth opportunities.

After “Make in India” and “Digital India,” the PM Narendra Modi has initiated another programme, called “Skill India.” The multi-skill programme is a revised version of the earlier skill development policy. This breaking news in Hindi was covered by all media channels to make Indian youth aware of the new career and growth opportunities.

Objectives of Skill India

The main objective of this new programme is to create a scope of development and more career opportunities for young, talented people in the country. This initiative intended to develop all the sectors that are under skill development policy for the past many years. It will also help in identifying new sectors for better skill development.

According to the latest Hindi Samachar, this new programme aims at offering skill development training to over 500 million youth in India by 2020. This will cover every remote areas and village in the country.

How Middle-Class Will Be Benefited by Skill India

According to some latest news in Hindi apps, the idea of the Skill India programme is to raise one’s confidence and improve the productivity of the middle class and other sections through the skill development programme. Thus, more people will be able to get blue-collar job opportunities. Enrolled individuals can see balanced growth in different sectors. Moreover, all jobs will be given equal importance.

Proper training will be given to every new job aspirant to lead a decent life. This skill development is also intended to reach the remote and rural areas in India. The skill development of youth will be conducted by the Government, corporate educational institutions, academic institutions, non-government organizations and society. As per the central government, if we all work together, then only we could get better results in the shortest time possible.

Features of Skill India

  1. It aims to emphasise the skills of youth so that their entrepreneurship abilities are improved.
  2. It offers support, training and guidance to all occupational sectors, including tailors, cobblers, blacksmiths, nurses, weavers, etc.
  3. It will focus more on the given areas, such as construction, real estate, banking, textile, tourism, jewellery designing, gem industry, transportation and other sectors.
  4. The training programmes will be of international levels so that Indian youth can meet the demands of both national and international consumers.
  5. The hallmark of this programme is termed as “Rural India Skill,” which certifies the training process.
  6. Even tailor-maid and need-based programmes will be initiated for certain age groups. Such skill training programmes will include communication and language skills, positive thinking skills, management skills, personality development skills, behavioural skills and employability skills.
  7. There will be increased work efficiency in different processes, leading to financial gain.
  8. The increased capacity for accepting new technologies and methods will encourage more innovative products and strategies.