ISI, Astha, ISIS & Dawood plotting massive terror attacks in India
Eastern Herald Exclusive

According to a source connected to a foreign intelligence agency a nexus of Pakistani spy agency Inter-service Intelligence (ISI), a Britain based newly formed terrorist entity named Astha, Islamic State (ISIS) and most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s notorious terror gang are plotting series of terrorist attacks inside India during independence day.

Network alliances of Astha terror group

Recently, Astha, which already had links with Hizbul Mujahideen has established links with fugitive terrorist Paresh Baruah of United Liberation Front of Assam(ULFA).

Founder of Astha, Mohammad Shahid Uddin Khan sponsored a secret meeting between Salauddin, the current leader of Jamaatul Mujahidin Bangladesh(JMB), Paresh Baruah and Ghulam Rahman of Hizbul Mujahideen in Nepal-China border.

During this meeting, these criminals reportedly discussed terrorist attacks inside India while Paresh Baruah has been assigned to arrange required explosives and detonators.

Accordingly, an amount equivalent to US$400’000 was transferred to a person named Gao in Xinjiang province in China from Shahid Uddin Khan’s representative in Dubai. It is learned that consignments of explosives and detonators will be shipped inside India through Indo-China border during the second week of July.

Khan also has reportedly contacted a Kolkata based transport company for handling the shipment of explosives and detonators.

Who is Aziz Mohammad Bhai?

Aziz Mohammad Bhai
Aziz Mohammad Bhai enjoying a party

One of the owners of this transport company is linked to Trinamul Congress leader Moon Moon Sen. It may be reminded here that Ms. Sen has been maintaining relations with Dawood’s man named Ismail as well as infamous mafia don named Aziz Mohammad Bhai.

For the past few years, Dawood has been expanding his network within Malaysia, Thailand and the UAE through Aziz Mohammad Bhai, who belongs to Ismailiya community. It may also be further mentioned that Aziz Bhai is one of the top 3 figures in Dawood’s trans-national money laundering activities.

At the instructions of Dawood Ibrahim, Shahid Uddin Khan met Aziz Bhai’s confidant named Steve alias Alexander in Bangladesh on May 2012. Since then he has become an active part into Dawood’s money laundering activities.

Is Dawood Ibrahim still alive?

Yes, Dawood Ibrahim is very much alive and living in Karachi, a metropolitan city in Pakistan. Dawood is actively involved in terror activities against India. Dawood has strong ties with other terror networks like JMB, ULFA and Al-Qaeda.

Shahid Uddin Khan made millions of Dollars through dealing in counterfeit Indian currency since 2009. According to a piece of information, a Bangladeshi named Humayun was handing over counterfeit Indian currency to Shahid Uddin Khan at his Dhaka residence in Baridhara DOHS area. Later these consignments were transported to India through Khan’s contacts within the Indo-Bangladesh smuggling rackets.

Moon Moon Sen had previously paid private visits to Bangladesh at the invitation of Aziz Bhai. Her daughters also are maintaining a healthy relationship with him.

Who is Moon Moon Sen?

Moon Moon Sen is an ex-actress in India. She performed in many movies. Moon Moon Sen hails from West Bengal in India. Moon Moon is known for her works in Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada films. She appeared in 60 Indian movies and 40 television series.

Aziz Muhammad Bhai fled Bangladesh in 2007 and since then has been roaming between Thailand, Malaysia, and UAE. Ms Sen, her daughters, and several Bollywood stars are regularly meeting him in Bangkok.

Astha has been actively attempting to oust the Bangladesh government and establish Shariah rule. Khan has extensive contacts within officials of Bangladesh army. The current army chief in Bangladesh Gen. Aziz Ahmed is Shahid Uddin Khan’s batchmate.