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The mayor of Capital reinforces biosafety measures with the labor bubble

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The communal chief, Norma Fuentes led a virtual meeting with officials to reinforce the preventive care of the staff in the face of the pandemic and strengthen the application in all areas of the concept of the “labor bubble.”

The mayor requested the commitment of all to enforce biosafety protocols, “as in this case the labor bubble, which is applied in the various municipal departments” and requested that preventive care be extended to the community and family sphere. For his part, the Director of Health, Dr. Antonio Palomo, explained the measures that should govern in the workplace and the strict behavior that employees must comply with, as well as the regulations that those responsible for each area must enforce to reduce the risk of virus transmission and In the event of a positive test, cut the chain of infections.

It should be remembered that labor bubbles are a working modality that the municipality has been implementing since the pandemic began, which consist of forming small groups always composed of the same staff, who do not have contact with other colleagues even if they perform the same task, thus avoiding sharing spaces in the building and/or tools. enforce all the biosecurity measures arranged and advised by the health authorities in the spaces where people share their tasks.

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