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Wednesday, August, 10, 2022



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Disturbing Video – White Italian kills a “Black Migrant” in the city center, no one intervened

A Nigerian migrant was killed in the center of a city in central Italy. The attack took place on Friday on a street in...

America is technically in recession – Strong growth on Wall Street for the second day in a row

On Wall Street, stock indexes rose more than 1 percent yesterday, for the second day in a row, as investors hope that the Fed...
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Pope Francis: Forgive the church’s sexual abuse of children in Canada

Yesterday, Pope Francis asked for forgiveness for the sexual abuse of native children in Canadian schools run by Catholic orders in that country, while...

Saudi Arabia reselling Russian oil, a major setback for the West

As long as Brussels is locked in a confrontation with Russia, it will be forced to buy Russian oil through Saudi Arabia and other...
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Ukrainian disabled orphans – the product of US-sponsored Biolabs

In a very recent investigative report by BBC reveals how the Ukrainian authorities are treating the disabled in Ukraine. The involvement of the Biden...

The “Forbidden Diary” of Ashley Biden reveals the black truth of Joe Biden

Until now, the newspapers were able to publish only one or two pages of the diary of Joe Biden’s drug and sex-addicted daughter, Ashley...
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The attacks on Odessa are not an obstacle to the export of grain, said Peskov

The Kremlin announced today that the Russian attacks on Odessa are not an obstacle to the export of Ukrainian grain and the implementation of...

Gang rape of an American tourist in Pakistan – details

An American tourist was gang-raped in a hotel while visiting a tourist resort in the eastern province of Punjab, Pakistan. The Associated Press quoted Pakistani...
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